“Be Bold for Change”.. International Women’s Day theme.. Honiara parade will take place on Wednesday 8th March 2017, 8:00am starting @ Honiara City Council Parking area to Art Gallery 3

YWPG members marching on International Women’s Day 2016… ISun file photoWOMEN’S Ministry in Solomon Islands announces the International Women’s Day is set for Wednesday, March 8.

The Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs (MWYCFA) confirmed Solomon Islands are set for celebrating this year’s International Women’s Day on Wednesday with the theme “Be Bold for Change”.
In Solomon Islands, the event regard as an important for Women’s Ministry to look at launching the Gender and Women’s Development Policy and the Women Policy followed by Gender Equality Where We Stand Report.
In addition, the National Women Peace Security and National Action Plan 2017-2021, is also one document MWYCF is eyeing for launching as it pending cabinet’s approval.
The Acting Director for Women Division, MWYCFA, Vaela Ngai calling public’s support and asking nation to joins the Women’s special day to hear their stories and feel their experiences, one time of the year to reflect on their achievements.
“I call to public wish to join the parade, and importantly meet with other women to share stories and listen to reflection of experiences of women,” Acting Director Ngai said.
She said, for a positive change there is need to be bold with women which is crucial women and men be part of this event, and bold with them to drive for changes.

Meanwhile, that day will comprise of awareness campaign, parade and information sharing.
The parade will begin from Honiara City Council parking area to Art Gallery where programmes convene, taking rest of the day with fun and showcasing activities relates to the Theme: “Be Bold for Change”.
The International Women’s Day is an annual event set aside by the United Nation, and this year the Women Ministry, relevant Stakeholders and individuals again uses this opportunity to celebrate social, economic, cultural and political achievements.

The event also described as opportunity for women in Honiara to bold in action from individual or organisation to help progress gender agenda with reasonable action to accelerate gender parity across the world.


  Opportunity – Guest lecturer at Don Bosco Technical Institute Reply

By Andrew MacLean

E: elucid8@gmail.com

(Editor’s note: Recntly a local teacher told me how shocked she was to survey her class and find that every student wanted to be either a shop assistant or a taxi driver. Hopefully schemes such this innovative program being established by Andrew MacLean will broaden the horizons of future students. Well done folks.)

Do you have knowledge that you would like to impart to Solomon Island tertiary students? Do have skills that might benefit young adults on their path to employment and family life? Do you just have a good story to tell?

The Don Bosco Technical Institute is proud to announce an innovation for 2017 – a weekly “guest lecture” spot on our timetable.
The Don Bosco Technical Institute in Henderson is proud to support young people from Solomon Islands as they learn technical skills and trades in a Salesian family environment. The Institute is committed to growing socially responsible students who are competent, honest, and upright in character.


Looking For New (Improved) Editor 4

Well the time has come, as the walrus said. There is only a few weeks before we ‘go finis’. 
I didn’t get to do all that I had wanted to do with Pineapple Post. Not by a long shot. But it is still a great searchable archive of how, why, when and where of life in Honiara created by Jackie Eager before me and an active Facebook page that reaches a few thousand Solomon Islanders. And as I look up the first thing I wrote about how to register your car, so I can do it before we leave, I know that at least that one article has been very useful.

Instead of following up Jackie’s fine work I’ve spent far too much of my time sick or injured and wallowing in existential angst. But what a remarkable spot to be laid low and uninspired by dis-ease, dysfunction and hopelessness. My Gauguin moment in the tropics, but without either the productivity or the underage sex.

Anyway it is time to move up and on for me. And for someone else to take over the editorship of Pineapple Post blog and Facebook page, I hope. And for Pineapple Post it will hopefully be the dawning of a new and more productive period.

If someone is looking for a project on the side or a focus to their time here this could suit you or a small group of friends. It is a great opportunity to meet interesting people and explore the Solomon Islands and make a significant contribution to life in Honiara for, not only the expats, but also the thousands of locals linked through the Facebook page.

Thank you to all those who have helped and contributed over the last twelve months or so. And to everyone, live long and prosper.

So if you think you might be interested in taking on the editorship of Pineapple Post, or volunteer a friend, or just want to know more about all this, contact me asap.

Gerald 8966071 or pineapplepost@hotmail.com

Bye, bye!! – Linocut 120mm x 120mm Gerald Soworka

Clean up day HoniaraTomorrow 19th November Reply

Do you want your environment to be clean?

Please come help us stop water pollution

Saturday 19th November

8am till 10 am at the Art Gallery

(Between Heritage Hotel and Breakwater Cafe)

Point Cruz

Organised Vaiclehi, Casssandro, Nahala, Loise, Jolyn and Hendrix
Then afterwards you can visit the great exhibition of some of the best of the Solomon Islands Arts Association in the Gallery. There are paintings, based on or inspired by local culture, history or myth, and prints, carvings, weaving and fabrics. All work is for sale. 10am- 4pm everyday.
Whether it s the waitress casually emptying the ash trays over the balcony straight into the water, or the “Eco-lodge” bailing up its garbage into plastic bags and boating them out into the current off shore, or the casual dropping of everything and anything into the street, or local business emptying its rubbish down the banks of the Mataniko River, Honiara is a cesspool of garbage. 

Who would ever guess, before coming here, that a tropical paradise could be so filthy?

The dramatic increase in population alongside the introduction of plastics and other non-biodegradable rubbish have not integrated well with traditional approaches to garbage disposal. 

If you are sick of seeing rubbish everywhere come along for a couple of hours tomorrow morning and do you bit; set a good example and not only help clean up a little but spur the sort of cultural change so sadly needed in this city. Nothing changes behaviour better than seeing people you know practicing and exemplifying another way of doing things.
The general clean up day at the Art Gallery follows on from the GoGreen – Annual School Clean Up, sponsored by BSP, today Friday 18th November.
I recommend you bring your own gloves and bucket and garbage bags and any other clean up gear you have.
You can easily make yourself and kids a handy rubbish “picker-upperer” and save your back.


(Piece of dowel,old broom handle, or roughly straight stick about 120 cms long,

String, raffia, plastic tape or anything to tie with. About 1 metre,

Glue, any sort,

Strong wire coat hanger, or other firm wire

Pliers or wire cutters, or you can break the wire by bending it back and forth around the same point, but it takes a little longer.)
* Simply cut two or three pieces of strong wire coat hanger about 20 cms long. 

Firmly tie the lengths of wire to a piece of dowel, broom handle, stick with string with about 12cms overlap, as in the diagram below.

Coat the string with glue and allow to dry. 
You now have a handy rubbish picker-upperer to help make Honiara a little more beautifuller and rubbish conscious.
See you at the Art Gallery 8 – 10am Saturday 19th November 

Adopt a trade class 1

By Andrew MacLean

Senior students at Don Bosco Technical Institute have just started work in the Servanthood And Leadership Training (S.A.L.T.) Program.
Organisations in Honiara are invited to “adopt” a trade class, which will be available to complete any tasks, activities or services as appropriate to organisational need and student skill. Don Bosco Technical Institute trains young adults in the following trades:

Automotive (repairing and maintaining engines / machinery)

Construction (carpentry, joinery and cement work)

Electrical (wiring, installation and repair)

Information and Communication Technology

Life Skills (hospitality and textiles)

Machine Fitting and Maintenance


Please note that students are not restricted to working within their trade area and are available for general volunteer tasks.

Through the S.A.L.T. Program the school hopes to encourage the leadership skills of our senior students via acts of service. The Institute has made 12 hours of service compulsory as a minimum before students attend their On-the-Job Training and Graduation.

For further information please contact Deputy Principal Tommie Kaekae (kaekaetommietomscoll@gmail.com) or by leaving a message at the school office (ph: 36555).

Making friends and contacts in Honiara 1

If you’re new to Honiara or just emerging from your cocoon of books and pirated DVDs the International Tea Group (ITG) might be just the sort of thing you need. ITG is an open, casual group of interesting, supportive and well connected expats. They meet weekly to share morning tea or lunch and information and contacts. Or just chat.

The get-togethers are held in various cafes around town or members’ homes. They are very welcoming and open to new people coming along regularly or just when you can. 

Everyone attending contributes $20 which goes to some charitable endeavour locally.

Phone Linda 788 6363 or Leanne 777 5549 or email ITG-SI@mail.com for further information and to let them know you’re interested.

Gatherings every Thursday February to December, 10am – 12, location various

Pineapple Post rides again 11

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor hail will stop the Pineapple Post getting through.

(Lack of power, computer meltdown and other things more relevant to Honiara are a different matter.)

Like many of you, I have found the wonderful work that Jackie has done over the past couple of years with Pineapple Post very useful in coming to terms with life in Honiara. I thought it would be a great loss to see it disappear. Jackie has kindly deputized me to attempt to carry on her work and maintain Pineapple Post’s blog, emails and Facebook presence. Even in spite of my wayward spelling and grammar and fumbling typing skills. Apologies in advance.
So who’s the new editor?   More…

Mercy Christian School Fundraiser 2015 Reply

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 4.15.23 pmBy Leigh Pirie

On Friday the 23rd of October the Mercy Christian School held its annual fundraiser in its new school site in Burn’s Creek. The day was a great success with hundreds of people from the community coming to enjoy food, music, games, a second-hand shop and great raffle prizes. Everyone enjoyed the positive atmosphere of the day and spent many hours eating together, talking and watching local dance performances. More…