Solomon Islands.. imagine having a Christmas trip out to one of those archipelago islands.. Arnavon Island welkums you, ‘surfs up’ bring your ‘surf board & camera Reply


Another ‘Dive Munda Award’, congratulations goes to Dive Munda, Solomon Islands Reply



Dive Munda has been in the news lately, not only for recently certifying the very first female dive instructor in the history of this country, but they also walked off with the Tourism Business of the Year Award at the SICCI Business Excellence Awards held at the Pacific Hotel & Casino.

Recognition of the important role the Solomon Islands’ diving sector plays in bringing international visitors to the destination, the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) has presented Dive Munda with its inaugural ‘Tourism Business of the Year’ Award. Congratulating Dive Munda on its success, Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau CEO, Josefa ‘Jo’ Tuamoto said the company continued to play an instrumental role in promoting the destination’s world-class diving to a truly global audience and was truly deserved of the SICCI recognition.

The SICCI accolade caps off an amazing 12-month period for Dive Munda, the company having again been awarded the Diving Company of the Year Award by luxury travel guide, Global Awards and a South Pacific Tourism Organisation Social media award focused on creating awareness for sustainable tourism and development, both for the second year in a row. Additionally 12 months ago Dive Munda owner/operator and operations director, Belinda Botha Operations was named runner-up in the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Business Excellence Awards ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ category.

If you want to experience Dive Munda at its very best, join them this weekend for their “Munda Special” in partnership with Solomon Airlines and Agnes Gateway Hotel. 4-night dive, fly and stay package for an incredible $1185 AUD.

Or better yet, stuck in dusty Honiara for the holidays? Well join Dive Munda for their New Years Eve Bio-fluoro Night Dive & Snorkel! Experience a different kind of fireworks! NYE with a Hapi Isles twist and a bit of Munda Magic.

Join Dive Munda on NYE for their now famous bio-fluoro night dive or snorkel. Their bio-fluoro night dive was made famous by visiting film crew from Canon USA and Hollywood Director, Klaus Obermeyer visiting Magical Munda on a dive/film expedition in March. The mission was to find (which they did!) and film (which they did, with Canon’s new ME20F-SH lowlight camera) the bio-fluorescent Hawksbill turtle discover by renowned biologist Dr. David Gruber in the Solomons. Gruber stunned the world with this discovery in 2015 and he is heading back to the Solomons for a third time over the holiday season to explore more bio-fluoro magic in Munda. No wonder Klaus Obermeyer described his trip as his “mind-altering trip to magical Munda”.

But come see for yourself! This amazing dive will have you surface on a remote island paradise as the clock strikes midnight with a glass of bubbly waiting. This exclusive trip has limited availability. Join Belinda and the Dive Munda team for this extraordinary event. Book early on to avoid disappointment! Contact them via email at

Dive Munda is a multi award winning SSI Instructor Training Centre in the Western province of Solomon Islands committed to sustainable dive eco-tourism. Scuba dive unexplored reefs, WWII history, Kastom culture, hard and soft coral, cuts and caverns along with pelagic life and shark action, all in one of the last wild frontiers left on planet ocean.

Kind Regards,

Belinda Botha

Check out the latest Canon USA underwater commercial shot on location with Dive Munda here: Canon – See beyond darkness

Operations Director

SSI IT #48303 & PADI MSDT #211565

Cell: + 677 789 6869 or Office: + 677 62156 (Solomon Islands) or for bookings:

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Solomon Islands, ‘Taka dive cruises’ has a weekend trip to the Florida Islands.. need only 8 to make it happen Reply

Hello fellow divers …

We have an opening on board Taka this weekend and thought we would throw a quick weekend trip to the Florida Islands together if we can get enough participants. We only need 8 to make it happen!

Pick up: Friday November 17th, 6pm at Kokonut Café

Return: Sunday November 19th, 8pm at Kokonut Café

Cost per Person: $4000SBD Upper Deck, $3500 Lower Deck

(Sorry – I messed up the conversion on the first email)

Includes accommodation, meals, all diving, reef fees.

Excludes gear rental, nitrox, courses, bar tab

Gear Rental: full kit $600SBD

Nitrox: $400SBD


Friday night – dinner, boat orientation, steam to Tulagi

Saturday – 5 dives

Sunday – 3 dives, return to Honiara

To book:

Email us back to let us know you want to join

Fill out the attached booking form (and rental form if you need gear)

We will confirm numbers by Wednesday night

We will collect payment on board on Friday.

Shaz Kozak

Solomon Islands Dive Expeditions

+1 877 300 9487 (North America)

+1 206 925 3953 (International)

Cell: 604 315 5932

Let’s talk about ‘awa’, ‘wai’.. yes, WATER.. life giving, replenishing, it’s abundance, how important it is to all life that lives in it, on it, beside it.. #WaterIsLife, #HeOraTeWai, #Marcus Matawhero Lloyd.. #StrongHeartHikoi.. Marcus is on a 10,000 steps hikoi (walk) around East Coast/ Central of North Isl New Zealand to bring attention for saving ‘WATER’, the pollution in our creeks-rivers- streams- oceans of New Zealand are being polluted, and around the world.. what was once pristine is being threatened.. if you wish to add your own favourite original story & photo, of your ‘water scene/ place’, just follow #WaterIsLife Reply

#WaterIsLife, #HeOraTeWai, Marcus Matawhero Lloyd.. #StrongHeartHikoi

This is dedicated to an important subject, #Water, ‘awa’, ‘wai’, our lives depend on it..!
one that Marcus is creating alot of noise & attention for, and rightly-so.. he is on a 10,000 steps hikoi (walk) around East Coast, North Island New Zealand’s to bring attention to an important ‘resource’ for our planet and every single living thing on it.. ?

“Life giving WATER”.. with out this resource, we all are in alot of trouble..

The ‘WATER we drink is being polluted, help protect ‘WATER’ .. follow Marcus by clicking on the highlighted name is the start of this post, see what else is happening & how you can help..  this affects you too, it affects all of us..

Most of my immediate family/ grandparents/ cousins/ uncles & aunties – that can relate to my ‘korero’ (story).. since I was a lil girl, (a 2 year old- dad & mum tell me) I have ’embrased the waters around Mahia like a ‘fish’, I could swim at 2 years of age (2yo) confident & keen ‘young protege scuba diver’ from 7yo, and I still dive today, now a keen GoPro underwater photographer & editor for a Tropical Pacific nations Website..The Pineapple Post, Solomon Islands I have been fortunate to snorkel & dive off some of the most stunning Solomon Island tropical iconic dives sites, best in the world, and photograph/ video these.. but, what I did notice, was pollution, plastic bags & other domestic waste floating in these waters.. sad to say these are now destroying the once pristine oceans around these tropical islands that make up the 900+ islands..

Aotearoa: ..when I was old enough to remember’ 4yo-13 year old, We’d drive back here with my family, dad Arthur and my mum Joy, my 4 siblings back in mid-1960’s-1980’s life there is relaxed, slow & abundant.. with plenty of kai moana gathered by my dad (local diver), plenty of hungi’s, gathering for events at the marae, lamb’s tails cooking & that distinct smell of ‘burning wool, up the air’, I remember eating ‘paua, kina, crayfish, snapper..
It was always a very long productive day on the boat scuba diving/ spear fishing..

  I love the ocean, connect to it, respected it’s constant change & dangers, and, I’ve always been a passionate advocate for ‘Water’, loved this journey.. 

My childhood journey as a protege scuba diver with my dad, AAotearoa:.. my dad & my uncle/s would always do a “karakia” to bless our activities for this day.. -we always returned tired, but with a blessed abundant catch.. ready to share our catch with the Opoutama whanau..

I have been raised by the water’s here, protected by the ‘wairua’, guided by the ‘tipuna’.. 

Today, I am proud to say, Water Is My Life, and let’s protect what resources we have left..
I endeavour, to return home to Aotearoa from Oz, where I have lived for many years..returning to learn the ‘traditional Māori ways of wairua, te reo Māori, Rongomaiwahine te iwi, Waipiata te awa’ and return to help keep our traditional lands sacred & protected.. 

Arohanui e Para Siempre

Taloa Cinema and DVD.. Honiara, Red Carpet, Movie Night.. Wednesday 6 September, 2017.. Drama film, action, length: 2 hrs, 21 mins Reply

Red Carpet, Movie Night:Wednesday 6TH September, 2017

 “The Lost City of Z”
(Drama film, action, 2 hrs, 21 mins)

James Gray makes intelligent, good-looking, grown-up movies that are admirable but somehow rather reserved; this real-life adventure tale is a more sprawling work, but the result is similar. (Anderson, Common Sense Media)
Solid and stately, a ’70s-feeling jungle adventure film that’s more of a thought-provoker than an excitement-inducer. But there’s nothing wrong with that. (Dan Jolin, Empire)

Rotten Tomatoes 88%
Cinema: Taloa Cinema & DVD
(Rove sea front, Rove, diagonally opposite Rove Police Station)

Time: 6:15 for 6:30pm

Tickets: $30:00 SBD (approx. $5:20 AUD)

Food available ($10-$15): Wraps and Sausage sizzle

Snacks available ($5-$10): Ice-cream chocolate bombs, popcorn, ice-pops, soft drink, water 

Plot: At the dawn of the 20th century, British explorer Percy Fawcett journeys into the Amazon, where he discovers evidence of a previously unknown, advanced civilization that may have once inhabited the region. Despite being ridiculed by the scientific establishment, which views indigenous populations as savages, the determined Fawcett, supported by his devoted wife, son, and aide-de-camp, returns to his beloved jungle in an attempt to prove his case.

Initial release: March, 2017 
Director: James Gray

Screenplay: Adapted from: The Lost City of Z: A tale of deadly obsession in the Amazon

Cast: Robert Pattinson (Henry Costin), Charlie Hunnam (Col. Percival Fawcett), Sienna Miller (Nina Fawcett), Tom Holland (Jack Fawcett), Angus Macfadyen (James Murray)

Language: English


Dr Marguerite Cullity (Dip Teach., B.Ed., M.Ed., PhD., Melb)

Adult Literacy Project Coordinator: Mothers Union

Anglican Church of Melanesia; Honiara, Solomon Islands

+677 7207008


Solomon Islands: Guadalcanal Weaving Festival.. if you’re keen to check out a fascinating cultural festival, the Guadalcanal Weaving Festival will be held at Lela Beach 1-7 August. The festival is the first of its kind and is the result of a massive effort including representation of all21 Wards of the Guadalcanal Province. Weaving demonstrations, workshops, pan pipers, traditional dancers, gifting ceremonies.. more information attached Reply

Guadalcanal Weaving FestivalIf you’re keen to check out a fascinating cultural festival, the Guadalcanal Weaving Festival will be held at Lela Beach 1-7 August. The festival is the first of its kind and is the result of a massive effort including representation of all

21 Wards of the Guadalcanal Province.