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Looking for Books? Try Value City Reply


Many different titles are available at Value City

By Jackie Eager

I like real books. I like to feel their weight as I hold them in my hands. I like the old scent of the paper and even the broken spines from too much page turning. I like it how you can fall asleep reading them and you don’t have to worry about smashing the screen during the night. You can throw them in your car or they can live at the bottom of your bag for ages without too much worry.

For this reason, I’ve begun enjoying a weekly trip to Value City, which is located at Kukum on the second level of shops. While Value City does have a great selection of clothing available, it’s really the ever-changing book collection that gets me in the door.

Value City has a large range of books available for purchase. During my last visit, the selection included biographies, classics, romance, adventure, true stories, reference and children’s books. The ones that I have purchased so far have varied between SBD $10 and $20.


Talemaot: Solomon stories of peace and conflict Reply

Talemaot Cover copy

“TALEMAOT: Solomon stories of peace and conflict” is a collection of creative writing on the topical issues facing the country today by Solomon Islands writers and includes poems, short stories and short film scripts. TALEMAOT includes stories about everything from politics to disasters, family disputes to enduring friendships and humour to tragedy.