Adopt a trade class 1

By Andrew MacLean

Senior students at Don Bosco Technical Institute have just started work in the Servanthood And Leadership Training (S.A.L.T.) Program.
Organisations in Honiara are invited to “adopt” a trade class, which will be available to complete any tasks, activities or services as appropriate to organisational need and student skill. Don Bosco Technical Institute trains young adults in the following trades:

Automotive (repairing and maintaining engines / machinery)

Construction (carpentry, joinery and cement work)

Electrical (wiring, installation and repair)

Information and Communication Technology

Life Skills (hospitality and textiles)

Machine Fitting and Maintenance


Please note that students are not restricted to working within their trade area and are available for general volunteer tasks.

Through the S.A.L.T. Program the school hopes to encourage the leadership skills of our senior students via acts of service. The Institute has made 12 hours of service compulsory as a minimum before students attend their On-the-Job Training and Graduation.

For further information please contact Deputy Principal Tommie Kaekae ( or by leaving a message at the school office (ph: 36555).


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