Pineapple Post rides again 11

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor hail will stop the Pineapple Post getting through.

(Lack of power, computer meltdown and other things more relevant to Honiara are a different matter.)

Like many of you, I have found the wonderful work that Jackie has done over the past couple of years with Pineapple Post very useful in coming to terms with life in Honiara. I thought it would be a great loss to see it disappear. Jackie has kindly deputized me to attempt to carry on her work and maintain Pineapple Post’s blog, emails and Facebook presence. Even in spite of my wayward spelling and grammar and fumbling typing skills. Apologies in advance.
So who’s the new editor?  

The new Pineapple Post lady

I’m Gerald Soworka, artist ( and numbawan haus meri to my workaholic wife. In a past life as a massage therapist I was editor and communications person for the national association. When I was President of the North Queensland Conservation Council I also managed our digital information and propaganda wing.

And now that I am a full-time bon vivant in Honiara I hope you will help me to collect and share all the fascinating bits and pieces of life in Solomon Islands.

One thing I would really like to achieve is to build up a calendar of all the regular cultural events, festivals, times to best view fauna and flora etc that happen around the islands. So if you have any knowledge or contacts with regard to these things, let us know.  You can contact Pineapple Post by replying to this email or

And, lastly, if you see me about town please introduce yourself. I’m a very shy little wallflower and need to connect more with the world outside the studio.

Thanks Jackie for creating such a wonderful resource for us all here. I hope I can do it justice during this next year or so.





    • If anyone has things that think might be of interest to others they can write it up, with pictures, and send it to me, here or at and I’ll put it up for them.
      If that is too daunting you can just send me the details and I’ll put it together for posting. We need lots of people to contribute their experiences of life here. It is often the little things that are so daunting and hard to learn when first here. Thanks Dusti. Enjoy the Arnovans. Sounds terrific.

  1. Hi Gerald,
    I’m just so thrilled you are taking things over! I’ll download Facebook Pages when I’m in Australia this week and get you added as admin asap. In the meantime I’ll put this article on the Facebook page.
    Yay! Jackie

  2. Woohoo – gonna be a sweet ride! To be sure you’ll do a great job of this, hoping you get lots of contributors joining you

  3. Good Luck Gerald. I enjoy the Pineapple Post very much and I am sure it will continue to be a great read under your leadership.

  4. Good morning..I,m Eileen Adelaide. S.A. my daughter has begun a year of volunteering and I and my sister are planning to visit in July….so I am interesting in any news about the Solomon Islands…….thanks…. e

  5. Hey Gerald, hi from Townsville. Great to see you are have been able to get involved in the this publication. Being an artist yourself, how have you found the art world in Solomon’s ? Hopefully you will also be able to explore a bit of that with the readers, under your period as editor. Good on you.
    Cheers Garry

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