Opportunity – Guest lecturer at Don Bosco Technical Institute Reply

By Andrew MacLean

E: elucid8@gmail.com

(Editor’s note: Recntly a local teacher told me how shocked she was to survey her class and find that every student wanted to be either a shop assistant or a taxi driver. Hopefully schemes such this innovative program being established by Andrew MacLean will broaden the horizons of future students. Well done folks.)

Do you have knowledge that you would like to impart to Solomon Island tertiary students? Do have skills that might benefit young adults on their path to employment and family life? Do you just have a good story to tell?

The Don Bosco Technical Institute is proud to announce an innovation for 2017 – a weekly “guest lecture” spot on our timetable.
The Don Bosco Technical Institute in Henderson is proud to support young people from Solomon Islands as they learn technical skills and trades in a Salesian family environment. The Institute is committed to growing socially responsible students who are competent, honest, and upright in character.

This year the Institute is reaching out to the community, offering the opportunity for skilled and successful people to address the student body on topics they may have expertise in. Every Wednesday morning from 7:30am-8:30am or Wednesday afternoon, from 2:00pm-3:00pm, a guest lecturer will be able to address either the whole student body (all 350 students) or a target group suited to the topic (e.g. all “Construction” students, or the women students, or the Second Year students).
If you are interested in participating in this volunteer program, please reply to the email below.
You may have an interest in one of the 7 trades taught at the school (Automotive, Construction, Electrical, Hospitality & Textiles, Information Technology, Machine Fitting & Maintenance, Welding & Fabrication) or you may have knowledge or skills that would be of generic interest to young people approaching the workforce (leadership, deportment, OH&S, personal health, family & community building etc).

Please let me know the topic you would be interested in presenting, the audience to which you would like to present this, and your contact details. I will arrange for a staff member at DBTI to contact you and negotiate when you could come to the campus, the space you might need, technical requirements etc.
The students at Don Bosco are some of the most committed young people I have ever met and are hungry to learn. Your participation would be most welcome and much appreciated by all. Thank you for your consideration.

Andrew MacLean



(Photos pilfered from DonBosco Facebook site by the editor)


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