Hollywood Comes to Honiara 1

Sure it’s easy enough to buy cheap DVDs down town but there’s something about a B-I-G screen and surround sound. You just can’t beat going to the cinema, as we did on the weekend … in Honiara!

Taloa Cinema at Rove has been open for some weeks now. It’s just across from the Mambo Juice bus stop and the Ngossi/Tasahe turnoff, a few doors back to the east on the Rove seafront. It’s behind the DVD shop in a spacious airconditioned room with a couple of big standing fans, about 40 seats and a couple of light mattresses on the floor at the front. It’s comfortable and clean – a great escape in every way. More…


Free wi-fi 5

Honiara now has two locations where you can tap into free wifi when you are out and about.
In the bar and dining area of the Coral Sea Casino, on the sea front near Town Ground http://www.coral-sea-resort.com/, and

Lime Lounge Cafe in Commonwealth Avenue (heading down to the port), Point Cruz. (Sit near the cash register for best signal, or the front steps if the cafe is closed.)


It is all the same frustrating dodgy signal that characterises the internet for most of us in Honiara, but other than the cost of coffee or a glass of wine it is free. Get the password from the service counter.

Does anyone out there know of other places that we cheapskates can piggyback on someone’s free wifi??

Parisaia – the bat cave river walk Reply

At a bit after 7:00 on Sunday 9 October my small, unfit, arthritic group joined about 20 others for Charis Travel’s walking tour to the bat cave, Parisaia, east of Honiara and up in the hills. We gathered at Henderson where those of us without 4WDs jumped in with others then we all headed out in convoy, up past the Parangiju turnoff and onto the logging tracks along the Lungga River. Great wild scenery, but that was just a foretaste.
After a half hour or so we all pulled into a huge natural basin beside a stream where our guides were waiting. And then we started walking. The first time we had to cross the stream some folks stopped to remove their shoes and socks; the second time noone bothered.


Room with a viewParangiju Inland Mountain Lodge 3


Parangiju Inland Mountain Lodge is one of the newest places to eatand/or sleep in Honiara. And not only is the food good but the view is spectacular. The owners Stephen and Serah Riniu are rightfully proud of the venue on the hilltop lookout they have created.


Located inland from Henderson near the Tenaru Falls it looks out over the airport far below across the ocean towards Central Province. The air is cooler and drier up there, so it makes a lovely escape from the city.

The food is well above the usual Honiara standard. They use mostly fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The simple set menu is lovingly prepared and presented beautifully by chef Eh-ma. Even our fussy, never satisfied, vegetarian friend was well catered for at short notice. More…

The Shipping News Reply

I have one of the best balconies in Honiara for watching the comings and goings and hubbub of life in the city. Normally a great spot to hang out, read a book and lap up the cool breeze that always seems to miss the streets below. But at the moment I’m starring in my own private re-staging of Rear Window with my sprained ankle elevated and the trusty binoculars on constant standby.
It is amazing to watch the ever changing and erratic moods of the sea below, the schools of fish skipping across the water, the fierce flurries of frenetic feeding, the excitement and noise of the wedding party trucks in spontaneous procession and the general amble and congestion of everyday in Honiara from my eyrie on the hill.

But the most obvious coming and going of this past week are the two immense luxury super yachts intermittently parked off Town Ground; the very stylish and recently re-fitted Mystery and the even bigger Ethereal. They certainly do add a stark contrast to the usual OBMs puttering along the coast or out to central province and Savo. More…

Dive Munda wins prestigious Luxury Travel Guide Award Reply

Dive Munda, the South Pacific’s newest SSI Instructor Training Centre, has recently been awarded the Diving Company of the Year Award by Luxury Travel Guide, Global Awards 2016. This prestigious award recognises excellence in service, employee satisfaction, marketing and branding, local knowledge and cultural understanding. The Luxury Travel Guide Awards represent the pinnacle of hospitality achievement, championing the best in their respective fields; paying tribute to and commending all those who have excelled in the travel & tourism industry. More…

Turtle time: Arnavon Islands/Vavaghio Guest House. A Genuine and Unique Isabel Experience Reply

By Gary King

(Editor’s note: this is the time of year with the best chance of seeing both green and hawksbill turtles laying and hatching on the same night and I can personally attest to the quality of the snorkelling and service at Vavaghio and the Arnavons.)

The Arnavon Islands is a Marine Protected Area (recently registered under the Protected Area Act of the Solomon Islands). It is a very special place and one trip that ex-pats must make before finishing their contract in Solomon Islands!
This conservation area was established in 1995 by The Nature Conservancy (“TNC”), a large US conservation organization, in consultation with customary landowners from Isabel, Choiseul and Wagina.


Meet Young Norlah School dropout earns a living weaving reggae baskets.  Reply

Take a look around Honiara City and you will find many young girls venturing into small business activities trying to earn an income.
With their natural ability, or talents if you like, whatever money they earn helps meet family needs.
Most girls involved themselves with opportunities provided by authorities such as the Rapid Employment Scheme, the offshore seasonal workers scheme while a good number join up with the highly commended Youth at Work program.

But this is not enough given the high rate of school dropouts and idle youths flooding into Honiara from the provinces in search of means to earn an income.
One such youth is Norlah Hugue, who is making use of her natural talent in weaving custom baskets to earn her some money.

Norlah was with her aunty in their stall at the Art Gallery area in

Honiara when Solomon Women Newspaper caught up with her this week.
Norlah is from Billy Passage in Marovo Lagoon, Western Province.

Norlah’s interest begun as a curious observing youth, seeing her mother weaving custom baskets and string bags back in her home village, when she was at a tender age of 12.
She attended Patukae Community High School from 2012 to 2014 but was forced to leave school due to lack of financial support for her school fee.
“That is when I decided to start making use of my knowledge in weaving baskets and handcrafts to earn my own pocket money,” Norlah recalled. More…

Our culture – our nation … Don Bosco Technical Institute Reply

The Staff and Students of Don Bosco – Henderson and Don Bosco – Tetere most cordially invite you to the Cultural Night, celebrating OUR CULTURE – OUR NATION on Thursday, 21st July 2016 in the DBTI–Henderson Gymnasium from 6.00 PM to 8.00 PM
We are celebrating the “Unity in Diversity” of Solomon Islands With Music and Dances from the Provinces Performed by the Bosconians of Henderson and Tetere. Our special guests are the AKKORDEON HARMONISTS an Accordion Orchestra from Germany and THE BAND from Honiara.

Please take your seats by 5.45 PM
Kindly inform the number of persons accompanying you, the latest by Tuesday, 19th July.
Contact us via Telephone: 36555, 7723720

E-mail: rector@donbosco.org.sb

Facebook Event Page – https://www.facebook.com/events/1570086083285307/ 

Andrew MacLean