Room with a viewParangiju Inland Mountain Lodge 3


Parangiju Inland Mountain Lodge is one of the newest places to eatand/or sleep in Honiara. And not only is the food good but the view is spectacular. The owners Stephen and Serah Riniu are rightfully proud of the venue on the hilltop lookout they have created.


Located inland from Henderson near the Tenaru Falls it looks out over the airport far below across the ocean towards Central Province. The air is cooler and drier up there, so it makes a lovely escape from the city.

The food is well above the usual Honiara standard. They use mostly fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The simple set menu is lovingly prepared and presented beautifully by chef Eh-ma. Even our fussy, never satisfied, vegetarian friend was well catered for at short notice.

You must phone before you come and put in you food order if you wish to eat there. (Contacts below.) Or you can simply get a cold beer and enjoy the view.
There is also accommodation available at the Lodge upstairs above the reception area. Two small rooms with double beds and a larger room with a king bed. They are very much just a place to sleep. Small and windowless. But why would you be inside during the day anyway? A generator provides power of an evening. And there is a new clean toilet block out back.


Ko Kama rafting go from the lodge and there is also an alternate walk to Tenaru Falls for the fit as well and sure footed.
The lodge is 13 kms inland from the turn off to Tenaru village. (Just over six kms from the Lungga River bridge, past the airport.) The middle part of the route is on a logging road so expect to see big heavily loaded semis on a narrow dirt road. You can get there in a two wheel drive – we did, but, mind you, we had to push the car up the last hill and some other parts were a bit hairy. The last steep climb to the lodge has been coated with soft coarse gravel to “improve” it. But the traffic is quickly making a mess of this. So a four wheel drive is recommended.
Look out for the white and black Parangiju Lodge signs along the road. There is only one real turn off a few kilometers past the village you veer to the left. you just keep going up hill. The white metal boom gate may be lowered when you are coming to the logging area but there will be someone there to let you pass.

On through the logging camp site, a few kilometers further on, and keep going up hill you get to the “Cold Beer” sign blocking the road.

Chicken – $110

Beef – $120

Fern salad – $90

Fruit salad – $40

Vegetarian Taco – $110

Chicken and Chips – $140

There are fixed breakfast and lunch menus

Phone before coming to the lodge to order

Large room – $800

medium room – $700

Banker Beds – $500
The Lodge is available for conferences and meetings – $4000

Island Sun article about the lodge opening:

Lodge – ph. 7181702 (Stephen and Serah Riniu)

Managing director – ph. 7405220

Chef – ph. 7392760 (Eh-ma)



  1. Hi Pinapple Post

    Could you please remove the “Art in the Park” poster from your site as it will no longer continue. Which is a great shame. There was not enough commitment from the artists so I decided not to continue the market. Most artists were content to stay in front of the Art Gallery at the front. Oh well it filled a gap when they had no where to go.

    Thanks Anita

  2. We just visited the lodge and did the tenaru falls walk from there today. After rain, it was definitely 4WD only on parts of the road!

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