Hollywood Comes to Honiara 1

Sure it’s easy enough to buy cheap DVDs down town but there’s something about a B-I-G screen and surround sound. You just can’t beat going to the cinema, as we did on the weekend … in Honiara!

Taloa Cinema at Rove has been open for some weeks now. It’s just across from the Mambo Juice bus stop and the Ngossi/Tasahe turnoff, a few doors back to the east on the Rove seafront. It’s behind the DVD shop in a spacious airconditioned room with a couple of big standing fans, about 40 seats and a couple of light mattresses on the floor at the front. It’s comfortable and clean – a great escape in every way.

Given that Taloa is also a DVD shop, you can imagine they have a fair range of movies to screen, from child-friendly shows during the day to adult shows in the evening. All tickets are an easy $10 or $15. Your hosts, Janet and Leslie, make the best salty popcorn with honey (truly excellent) and have drinks and choc top icecreams at the counter. Get in early so that you can start with these in the leaf hut on the water before your session starts. They’ll come and call you when it’s time.

To get on the mailing list for the weekly Taloa Cinema program, send your email address to lesfas26@yahoo.com Better still, put in a request for a favourite movie and get it on the program for a bunch of friends the following week.

Our only disappointment this time was our choice of movie: Star Trek, oh dear. We’ll do better next time. The cinema is definitely now on our Honi-To-Do list, yay!

P.S. You can also book he cinema for your group or special screenings. The 1000 W projector will also accept USB stick digital recordings and Leslie and Janet can put on a sauna sage sizzle on request.
Contacts: Leslie and Janet Fasuia

e. Lesfas26@yahoo.com

Ph. 7489169 or 20305


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