Mbike Day Trip Reply


By Deb Sapatos

What: Mbike day trip with Extreme Adventures out of The Breakwater (Honiara)
Tickets: $1200Sol /each
When: Most Sundays – numbers/weather permitting
Time: 0730 – 1700
Contact:  www.solomonadventures.com

Firstly let me start by saying that despite the initial cost involved for this day trip this is by far the most advanced and safest Boat (SunXpress) trip available to any person wanting to escape ‘The Rock’ for any period of time. This family owned and run adventure company delivers a fantastic actioned packed day for all the family of all ages. Their experience and knowledge of the Florida’s are evident as you find yourself taking selfies and snapping away as they navigate the SunXpress through postcard backdrops on your way to Mbike Island.


On arrival you are surrounded by the most clear and beautifully blue coloured water that surrounds the Island. This is what you see on post cards and holiday brochures world wide of the Pacific… this is what you have always wanted to experience, now your experiencing it.


The day is yours to do as you wish, all water sports, snorkelling, kayaking, SUPaddle and pre booked dive are all available for you to do. You can spend the day exploring the Island, taking about 40mins to walk around the entire Island or you can spend a few hours swinging in the breeze on a hammock.



Cakes and coffee are provided throughout the day.  A fantastic BBQ lunch and salad are provided with unlimited water and boxed juices to drink. You are encouraged to bring anything else that will enhance your experience on the Island, cold bevvies included. Facilities on the Island are much better than expected with very clean modern toilets, fresh water showers and a working kitchen for the BBQ lunch. 


This was a fantastic introduction to the natural Pacific beauty which now excites the mind and sole to explore far beyond the daily grind of ‘The Rock’.


For a personal experience I give this a 9/10… the only reason its not a 10/10 is because we didn’t stay in one of the 3 self contained villas overnight on the Island.




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