Freedom to run and play Reply

By the Freedom to Run Solo Squad

Everyone deserves the freedom to run, play and experience the outdoors. It is a human right and therefore a women’s right.

 Thus, we would like to initiate the first running group to support women and girl runners in Honiara. The idea is to encourage more women and girls to feel free to exercise in and around Honiara without hassle or intimidation. It is free to run, it is secure to run.
It is also to support a safer and peaceful city, in alliance with the upcoming Honiara City Council ”My Honiara” Campaign. A campaign that promotes civic pride, responsibility and respectful relationships within and around the City. 
We encourage all women and girls (locals and expats) and supporters (including men and boys) of creating a safer running environment to please join us: 

When: Saturday, 07 May 2016
Start time: 6.30 am
Start location: Children’s Adventure Park in front of the Rove Police Station
End location: Kakabona/Eden Beach (or choose to you can run/walk/bus back)

You don’t have to be a runner to join in. You could also walk, stroll or cycle. We suggest you wear suitable shoes, a hat and bring your own drinking water.
Please feel free to spread the word and encourage others to join the fun. 
Kind regards,
The Free to Run Solo Squad – Promoting Freedom and Peace through Running 



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