Sore of muscle and SINU Reply

There are lots of things you can do for yourself in Honiara, but few of them are more economical than back home. The best and healthiest exception is to have a regular massage with Mary and Sharon at SINU (Solomon Islands National University). At only $85 SBD it is a great opportunity to have lots of relaxing, restorative massages.
Mary and Sharon are graduates of the Occupational Therapy course who took the opportunity to be trained in massage by a visiting physiotherapist. With her training and support they were able to set up practice in a unused office and classroom in the School of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences (SNAHS) at SINU, Kookum Campus. The set up is not salubrious by any means but is clean, functional and private, though a bit hard to find for the first timer. (Directions below.) And yes there are fans and air conditioning.Both women have a strong natural affinity for massage with a good sensitive instinctive touch and a friendly approach. They do a basic “full” body swedishy coconut oil massage, but they are not just slipping around on the surface as some do. They are massaging the muscles and pushing the tissue around. They can work as firmly or gently as you like and with good english it is easy to work with them and get things the way you want.

Mary and Sharon of Massage at SINU

As they have gained more experience and developed greater tactile sensibility their massage is more focused and more responsive. It’s not yet treatment for specific injuries, but with their growing experience it would be an excellent time for them to get further training, if it is available. It is, though, just the thing for relaxation and all those general aches and pains and stiffness from sitting at a desk all day or just getting old.

Massage is the one “Alternate” Therapy to have a host of scientific studies and evidence to back up its claims.

Benefits of Massage:

Reduced muscle tension,

Reduced anxiety and depression,

More rapid recovery from exercise and soft tissue injury,

Improved circulation,

Stimulation of lymphatic system,

Reduced Stress hormones,

Increased joint mobility and flexibility,

Improved skin tone,

Heightened mental alertness,

And it feels great.
Cost: weekdays $85 55mins, $50 30 mins,  weekends $100 55mins

Hours: Monday to Thursday 8am – 6pm, Friday 8am – 5pm, Weekends 10am – 2pm

Contact: Mary 7365190 Though they are sometimes available on short notice it is much safer to book ahead.

Location: School of Nursing and Allied Health, Kookum Campus, SINU

Kookum Campus is just to the west of Panatina Plaza and there will soon be a right turn into the main entrance of the University from Mendana Ave.

In the mean time, if you are traveling east, turn right of Mendana Ave immediately after Kookum SDA Markets (i.e. the large market on the seaside open on Sundays). The road goes between Woodford School and and the SINU campus.During the week, turn left at the first gate into the campus and then right at the sign for SNAHS into the parking lot.

left turn opp. Woodford International School

Weekends this first gate is closed so proceed straight ahead and follow the sealed main road in a big circle to the left around the main buildings of the campus back to SNAHS.

entrance to SNAHS

From the parking lot proceed along the front of the classrooms to the right until you come to a breezeway (1 or 2 classrooms along). Through this to the back of the classrooms and turn right. The massage clinic is about 30m down with a small paper ‘massage’ sign on the door. Knock and wait.

So do yourself a favour and book a massage and make it a regular part of looking after yourself in Honiara.

Bookings: Mary 7365190
The author has done more than 15000 massages and received about 1500 massages in preparation for this story… Someone has to do it.


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