Goodbye and Thanks for Reading! 8

Oh what a year it has been!

Another year you say? Yes, already 2015 has zoomed by us and 2016 is fast approaching. It’s been a big one for me personally, with my mini pikinini future canasta world champion arriving in May. While this was very exciting, it meant that The Pineapple Post took a tumble down my priority list somewhat.

As I was out of the country a lot this year I owe a great debt to the lovely ladies of the International Tea Group for helping me keep the website operating from afar. But it’s now with a heavy heart that I’ve decided to hand in my imaginary journalist credentials and retire as editor of The Pineapple Post. Since May, my free time has just never been the same. I hate to be cliché but seriously, how does something so small take up so much of the day?!?

The website had been a fantastic hobby over the past two years, helping me get out and about, exploring Solomon Islands and meeting new people. I’m eternally grateful to everyone who supported the idea and/or provided content for the blog.

If anyone is interested in taking on The Pineapple Post, drop me a line at It’s a little bit of work but a huge bringer of joy.

A big thanks to all the lovely people (named below) who so generously provided their stories, photos, events, and experiences in 2015 – you are superstars! 

Aldio Pita
Angela Logan
Anna Hill Events and Communications
Artist Association 
Brendan Nerdal
Chris Delany
Coral Sea Resort
Deb Sapatos
Diana Ma’ahoro
Fiona Stanley
Helen Ferguson 
James Cooper
Jan De Burgh
Jeanette Johnson
Jenny Ragaruma
Joyce Boykin
Julie Sping
Justina Radclyffe
Kirsty Downey
Leah Hughes
Leigh Pirie
Lisa Grant
Maralyn Preedy
Michael Pennay
Movember Team
Phil Gregory
Ralph Ako
Ripples Boat Charter
Robyn Reynolds 
Solomon Islands Basketball Association 
Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce
Solomon Islands Fashion Week
Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau
Triathlon Solomon Islands
Trina Brown
Youth of Solomon Islands

Many thanks and bestest wishes, Jackie



  1. Congratulations to the new babe and your work on Pineapple Post. Maybe somebody will pick up and make a new mag. I thoroughly enjoyed my years with Coconut News and now write a monthly e-magazine Fifty Five Plus.
    Every best wish
    Joy Barrow

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