‘Ride & Stride’ for Solomon Islands Rangers Reply


Solomon Island Rangers play a vital role in the sound stewardship of the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Solomon Islands, and they need our help.

With the pressure of logging, mining, expansion of subsistence and plantation agriculture, population increase, impacts of climate change and variability, isolation, years of civil conflict, and challenging politics, these extraordinary people deserve respect, encouragement, training and equipment for taking responsibility for the ecological integrity and resource management of the Solomon Islands.

Annie Knappstein, former AVID volunteer with local Solomon Islands community conservation organisation SICCP, is committed to raising awareness of the Solomon Islands, it’s unique biodiversity, and the challenges faced by an almost invisible, and tiny task force of Solomon Islands Rangers.

Through donations at the crowd funding site chuffed.org and with sponsorship from BSP and Honiara Rotary Club, Annie has already raised over AUD$5000.00 to support Solomon Islands Ranger training and equipment on her 1500km ‘Ride and Stride’ campaign across France and Spain.

“It seems a responsibility for every business, community and individual as well as government to invest in sound resource management, not just conservation, at the community level in the Solomon Islands. Training and equipping these Ranger warriors at the coal-face has long term benefits for everyone” said Knappstein.

“There also seems enormous potential for Solomon Islands Rangers to become greater contributors to education, tourism, national and provincial resource management policy, and as implementers of current legislation”, she added.

So far Annie has ridden 700kms on a push bike along the French pilgrimage trail ‘Camino Francès’ from Le Puy to St Jean Pied de Port in France, and to the 27th September walked 190kms of the 800km pilgrimage trail, The Way of St James or ‘Camino de Santiago’ to Santiago in Spain.

‘Solomon Islands Rangers briefed local carver Randall Ako on the marine and terrestrial elements they wished to be represented by on my journey, so I proudly stride with a walking stick that has created conversations with local people and pilgrims from all over the world about Solomon Islands & it’s Rangers’, Annie commented.

All costs associated with the Ride & Stride campaign for Solomon Island Rangers are Knappstein’s financial contribution. Funds are being raised through online crowd funding, corporate sponsorship and individual donations now and over the next 5 weeks of her trip. To ensure appropriate fund management, a BSP account is open through SICCP.

See the ‘Ride & Stride’ story and supporters at chuffed.org/project/ridestride.

Local SBD donations can be made at BSP Account Name SICCP-Ride & Stride, Account Number 4001059403.

Follow daily updates at Facebook page Annie Knappstein.

For further information, images or to arrange an interview with Annie Knappstein, please contact:

Anna Hill (Anna Hill Events & Communications) Tel. +61 (0) 488 197 546 or Email anna@annahillevents.com

Anna Hill


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