Tropical Dining at The Ofis Reply

11911014_10155891266990363_479925518_nBy Jackie Eager

If you closed your eyes and tried to imagine yourself on a tropical holiday, you probably couldn’t dream up a more relaxing eatery than The Ofis.

I’ve been meaning to write about this place for a while because I’ve been a frequent visitor there since it opened. I enjoyed the restaurant earlier this week for lunch and as I felt the gentle warm breeze across my face, I knew enough was enough, I must put pen to paper.

Whenever friends or family come to Solomon Islands to visit us, our first night with them is always spent at The Ofis. It’s a lovely way for them to relax after a long flight and ease into their Pacific break.

The tropical décor of wood and bamboo provides a genuine and intimate island feeling to the dining experience. At The Ofis, you are right on the water. The open air design allows you to enjoy both the crash of ocean waves alongside the restaurant’s smooth tunes. Fresh flowers welcome you on each table and the attentive staff waste no time in taking your order and preparing your meals.

In my most recent visit I enjoyed one of the specials – the beef burger. As you will see from the photo, it was quite a stack of deliciousness. The patty was cooked to perfection and the softly melted cheese just hit the spot.

While many people visit The Ofis for the pizza, my menu regular is The Ofis Wrap which consists of homemade bread, chicken, aioli, sweet potato, bacon and incredible mango chutney. It’s quite delicious, hence the reason I’ve ordered it nearly every time I’ve visited. You can really tell that high quality produce has been used to create the meal.

The Ofis is locate west of Honiara, 500meters past the white river bridge on the right. You can contact them on +677 20334.

Opening Times:

Breakfast 8am – 12pm (Saturday/ Sunday)

All Day Lunch/ Dinner: 4pm – 9pm (Wednesday – Friday) 12pm-late (Saturday/Sunday)






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