There’s Always a DVD in Honiara Reply

DVDsThere are many things to ponder when you’re moving to Honiara. Will I make new friends? How does the postal system work? Can I really wear flip flops to all social events? So many issues to contemplate.

One thing that needs no concern is whether or not you will be able find the latest movies. While I’m unsure of the legalities surrounding the situation (and it’s very much a personal decision whether you want to engage or not), Solomon Islands appears filled to the brim with downloaded copies of the latest movies and TV series. If you decided you were an antisocial, indoorsy person then you could quite easily spend your entire Solomon’s experience on the couch.

The DVD shops around town are pretty clearly marked with giant ‘DVD’ signs and boards upon boards of photocopied movie posters. Some establishments are in tents by the side of the road and others are in actual, air-conditioned professional looking shops, such as at Panatina Plaza.

The cost of these copies is normally $15 – $20SBD per disc and there are sometimes specials such as ‘Buy 3 Get 1 Free’. The more popular titles will already be behind the counter, but if you’re after something like Sharknado or The Bodyguard, you may need to wait a few minutes for it to be burnt onto the DVD.

Quality of the discs is quite high and they come in plastic sleeves so you can take care of them at home. Most of the DVDs have  subtitles in Chinese or English (or both) and if you’re really lucky, you will get an advertisement for a local restaurant or hotel at the beginning.

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