New Cafe: The Coffee Bar 2

By Jackie Eager

Wow. I seriously mean Wow.

The Coffee Bar is the new café that has just opened in the ANZ Building in Ranadi, Honiara. To put it mildly, it is well worth a visit.

When I walked in the door, I experienced what I can only describe as ‘location shock’. Was I in London? Was I in New York? My deer in the headlights expression must have been amusing to those around me but the transition from the hot, dusty Prince Philip Highway into this modern and designer, air conditioned oasis had left me feeling a little surreal.

To reassure myself, I called my bestie to check that I was still in Honiara. ‘Yes’ she said, already understanding my current state of mind, ‘I know what you mean. I went there this morning with my laptop and felt like I had a little holiday!’. It was good to know it wasn’t just me.

The décor of The Coffee Bar is a feast of specially selected knick knacks, brightly coloured chairs, and high ceilings. There are lots of seating options: little stools, high stools, regular size chairs and booth seating with cushions of geometric patterns. I found the cafe to be a creative space where I could imagine sprawling out my notebooks while indulging in a delicious lunch.

As well as the many cakes and slices on display, there is an all-day breakfast menu, specials, burgers, and sandwiches to choose from. I enjoyed an iced-coffee with creamy ice cream, served in one of those fancy jars that are all the rage right now. It was yummo.

All together, my visit to The Coffee Bar was a fabulous excursion. I will be returning regularly to enjoy it both as a place to appreciate some solitude and to catch up with friends.

The Coffee Bar is open Monday to Friday 7am – 4pm and Saturday 7am – 2.30pm. They are closed on Sundays. You can contact the café on 30300.










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