Here We Go Again 1


Gabriel Haa’ of Tinghe Ridge and Paterson Kauli of Koale selling their newspapers opposite the Rove Police Headquarters in Honiara

By Brendan Nerdal

When my Hilux first comes to rest halfway down Tasahe Road, beginning my morning shuffle of 20 minutes onto the Mendana Highway, I listen intently to the BBC World Service and all that has made news around the world. I supplement this by skimming social media on my iPhone and scanning my emails ahead of the day at work. I’m planning, getting ready, moving into work mode.

Here we go again” inevitably comes to mind.

You could be excused for thinking that this is because there is a regularity to my trip to work. That I’m perhaps bored by it. Well, not at all. I love my trip. I’m not wasting time and I’m enjoying the bustle of people hustling on foot four times faster than the cars on their way to school, work or the shop.


I’m also playing that phrase, “Here we go again“, over in my mind in eager anticipation of getting my hands on the daily copy of the newspaper.

Each morning opposite the Rove Police Headquarters I stop and am greeted by the energetic Paterson Kauli, of the Solomon Star, who asks “Two Papers?“. He knows the answer is yes. We’ve been doing this almost every day for two years. Paterson takes the money, to be shared later with the Island Sun’s Gabriel Haa’, who delivers in an instant my two papers. As I pull away he smiles cheekily at me and sends me off with my daily mantra, “And, here we go again“.

The Solomon Star and Island Sun, and the weekend papers, the Saturday/Sunday Star and Weekend Sun, are sold at 9 locations across Honiara. You can pick up a copy, in order from West to East, at Rove, Post Office, Museum, Home Finance (Kingsleys), Point Cruz Hot Bread, City Council, Magistrates, China Town Bus Stop and outside Discount Auto at Ranandi round-about.


Gabriel Haa’ and Paterson Kauli waiting for their next customer.


Customers don’t even need to get out of their cars!



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