The Hapi Isles 2


Solomon Islands is often referred to as ‘The Hapi Isles’. The word ‘hapi’ is of course pijin for ‘happy’ – one of the few words in my very limited pijin vocabulary. As you can guess, it didn’t take long to learn this one.

During my time in Honiara, I have experienced the kindness and openness of the local people. I have chatted with strangers as if we have been friends forever and received many a compliment on my chubby tummy.

But undoubtedly one of the best ‘Hapi Isles’ experiences came this week when I returned after a three-month break in Australia. On driving into my property I was greeted not only by our smiling guards, but also a carport full of tropical flowers, woven and spun to decorate my return.

What a joy this was!

I was informed by one of the guards that they had learned this art in their home of Malaita, one of the nine provinces of Solomon Islands. I had always been impressed by the bouquet flower arranging of Honiara, but never before seen the flora used like party streamers and balloons. This is definitely another crafty skill to add to my ‘to-learn’ list!

Do you have any ‘Hapi Isles’ moments you can share?






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