A Day Adventure at DolphinView Beach Reply

photo 1

By Leah Hughes

Another day in paradise, how wonderful our day turned out. I was so excited when a friend told us about this beach. It is something new to me and I have been on the island for two years.

This resort is about 23.6 Km west from Mambo Juice. The owner Alistair is a very nice guy and his family live on the premises. They were very good hosts and indeed very accommodating.

The beach is a coral resort and therefore it is good for snorkelling when the water is calm.

photo 2You can also stay at one of their bungalows. I can’t wait for my husband and I to stay there one day and enjoy the sunset while sipping our favourite champagne by the sea. What can go wrong with a real tropical experience?

photo 4

What I love about this place is the experience of seeing wild dolphins. We saw heaps of them in our day tour adventure. They can also organise this for you and you don’t have to go so far away from the resort to see them.

After our dolphin viewing activity we were offered some fresh coconut drink especially picked for us by one of their local staff. Don’t miss this skilful man climbing one of their tallest coconut trees to pick the best ones for you.

photo 5

We also enjoyed our delectable lunch they provided us. We were served a freshly slow cooked snapper and vegetables cooked in their traditional oven. I was so pleased to be able to experience all of these in one day.

photo 6



DolphinView Beach is a newly developed tourist destination in Solomon Islands. It is located 25.5km from Honiara, Guadalcanal Province, with an average drive time of half an hour from Honiara (Solomon Islands National Capital).

DolphinView Beach is situated on a natural landscape setting on the beach with beautiful garden of reefs in the sea which is perfect for snorkelling. Several meters away from the edge of reef is where dolphins swim almost daily.

DolphinView Beach location with its natural beauty and attractions has placed it as a perfect and convenient tourist destination in Solomon Islands.

DolphinView Beach has the following facilities which are available for guests to enjoy: accommodation, kitchen and bar.

DolphinView Beach provides the following services and activities.

1. Accommodation

A single room bungalow with twin and single bed Rate: $200.00 per night

Meal rates

a) Breakfast     $30.00

b) Lunch           $45.00

c) Dinner           $45.00

2. Activities

a) Wild Dolphin Tours/Watching + Lunch (Unique local Dish) Rate: $1,500.00 for 5 pax

b) Snorkelling + Lunch (Unique local Dish) Rate: $150.00 per person

c) Verachela Hiking + Lunch (Unique local Dish) Rate: $150.00 per person

d) Vilu WWII Museum Visit + Lunch (Unique local Dish) Rate: $200.00 per person

e) Local Village Tour Rate: $40.00 per person

f) Wild Dolphin watching, 1.5 hours Coastal Sightseeing along West Guadalcanal Coast, Snorkel at Paila + Lunch Rate: $5,000.00 for 6 pax

3. Others

Beach Hire for Group Party or Picnic: Rate $800.00


DolphinView Beach, PO BOX 125, Honiara, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

Phone: 677-8627704/677-7654058, Email:dolphinview.beach@gmail.com



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