A Trip to Oravae Reply

2015 MAY-SI-Oravae (92)
Fifteen mins boat ride from Gizo airport is a piece of tropical paradise called Oravae, a small island with a bungalow perched right by the water and a fantastic deck to hang out on in a hammock or comfy chair and enjoy watching the world go by……..sunrise, banana boats passing, fish swimming in the clear water, sunset or stargazing ……..If you live in Honiara the serenity and peacefulness really hits you…..not a barking dog to be heard.

The main bungalow is very comfortable. It has a separate bedroom but also has four single beds in the common areas which has a lounge & small kitchen equipped with tea, coffee etc….you don’t have to lock up here, there are no fly screens but there are mosquito nets that we did not need to use. There is an indoor & outdoor shower with fluffy towels.

There is a separate bungalow tree house for sleeping that is very cosy & contains a verandah, bedroom, toilet & outdoor shower.

Mt Veve on Kolombangara is just to the east of the island & the sunrise is quite spectacular over the mountain. They are currently building another bungalow which will have direct views over Kolombangara.

The food is just delicious…. an excellent variety including crab, chicken, desserts & fruit…..very plentiful. There was an esky with ice provided as the island is BYO although there is a small selection of beer & wine if required.

You can snorkel around the island if the tide is not too low and it is a great spot to just hang in the water and there are a couple of lilos to laze on.

Dive Gizo also picked us up and took us diving at two spots including a very cool Japanese wreck that was literally around the corner and also a great place to snorkel.

The locals practise their music for a concert on the last evening so you can often hear the practice sessions but they are far enough away to be pleasant to listen to and not invasive. We loved the concert! They have a very home-made drum kit, keyboard and a new electric guitar & they sing the most delightful songs.

On the way home we went via Sanbis for pizza which was very pleasant. We flew from Honiara on Friday afternoon & returned Monday afternoon so had a fantastic break.

Do yourself a favour, head to Oravae for a break….

2015 MAY-SI-Oravae (37)2015 MAY-SI-Oravae (36)


2015 MAY-SI-Oravae (66)2015 MAY-SI-Oravae (76)2015 MAY-SI-Oravae (30)





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