Keeping Your Electronics Safe – The UPS Reply

444px-UPSFrontViewMoving to Honiara has taught me about all kinds of things I never knew about, such as duck ownership, building leaf huts and tropical flower arranging. One of the most practical of these new hints has been discovering the Uninterruptible Power Supply, or UPS.

A UPS is a large rectangle battery. It’s plugged into your house’s power supply (most likely a power point in the wall) and it normally has about three or four spots where you can then plug your electrical devices into it.

The aim of the UPS is to keep your electrical items going when there is a blackout. If you have a generator, there is often about two or three minutes between your lights going out and the generator kicking in. The UPS will keep your electrical items going during this time, generally around 10 minutes, so your gadget is kept safe (computers especially hate the dramatic shut down).

If there is a day with multiple blackouts, then the UPS can help you stay sane as you try to finish off that assignment or make that slow cooker meal. If the kids are watching their ‘Frozen’ DVD, it will also prevent you from having to repeatedly re-set it for them. A UPS also has the added value of protecting your items from voltage surges and spikes.

We have two of these set up in our house: one for the TV/DVD player and the other one for our desktop computer. They were bought at an electronics shop in Australia but I have also seen them for sale in a few of the electronic shops in Honiara.

While pricey, I have found them well worth the investment.


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