Ripples Boat Charters 2

Want to head to Savo or Florida Islands? Another great option beside a banana boat is Ripples Boat Charters. I’ve been on a few trips now with Henk who runs Ripples and can highly recommend the service.

The boat takes 12 adults comfortably and there are life jackets on board. Banana boats can be great, but for longer trips I feel much safer in a bigger boat and my backside has thanked me every time! Through Ripples you can organise transport for day trips, weekends away, fishing charters, diving trips, resort transfers, and even sunset cruises.

Talk to Henk about your destination….we usually head to Maravagi for a morning snorkel and onto Nugu for lunch and a lounge in the water – a great day out!

Exploring Solomon Islands from the water is a must do. On the last trip I did, we were surrounded by a pod of dolphins who cruised with us for a good fifteen minutes or so. Henk slowed the boat down and we were able to safely stand up to take photos and enjoy the magical experience.

Give Henk a call on 749 4163 or email him at  Check out the website and ‘like’ the Ripples Boat Charter Facebook page.

The flexibility & friendly service Henk offers makes for an excellent break from Honiara. My friends and I will definitely be booking again!

Allicat flyer




  1. Who is Henk? Who organizes the fishing charters? Are they operating with legal, commercial Fishing License and permits?? If Yes. Who endorsed it? MCT or MFMR?

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