Honiara to Lambi – Distances for Beaches & Points of Interest 1


Taking the car to Visale for some relaxing beach time

There are many beautiful day trip spots if you drive west out of the Solomon Islands capital. A few clever people have recently taken the time to record these points of interest and their distances along the road from Honiara to Lambi. In the spirit of sharing and general loveliness, they have offered to put the info on The Pineapple Post for reference.


0 km Mambo Juice
2.6 km Last fuel stop
3.8 km Nurseries – alongside road finishing at Verahoa
4.4 km Eden Bay Beach – Kakabona – buy KFC (Kakabona Fried Chicken)
5.0 km Hamok Beach
5.4 km Lela Beach
6.0 km Poha Beach
7.7 km Boko Lake Beach
8.2 km Turtle Beach (washed away bridge)
9.1 km Blue Flag Beach
9.3 km Raintree Beach
10.6 km Sherman Tank, 50m LH before MBonege 1 Beach – pay for guide & kastom at Mbonege 1
10.6 km MBonege Beach 1, pay kastom then turn right at first track and follow for 500m to underwater dive wreck
11.1 km MBonege Beach 2, pay kastom at Mbonege 1, go back to main road, drive 500m to next road on RH, shipwreck out of the water
11.7 km Baveu Beach
12.0 km Tasi Beach
13.4 km Mermaid Beach Inn
15.5 km Tana Beach
15.9 km Piaru Beach (sign missing)
18.5 km Ndoma Cove Beach
18.6 km Nida Beach
20.4 km FOPA (Festival of Pacific Arts compound)
22.5 km White picket fence just before LH turn to Vilu War museum, drive 550m on track, turn left & museum is 80m ahead
22.7 km B17 dive
23.6 km Dolphinview Beach
27.0 km San Isidro Deaf School
27.7 km Narda hill lookout (car tracks at top of hill LH)
31.0 km Melanesian Brotherhood Sign (LH)
31.8 km Rusted tank upside down with tank tracks on top, just before fancy Heinz Dettke grave (LH)
32.6 km Tuvu community Weapons Free sign
33.6 km Village to get banana boat to Savo, leave car there whilst at Savo
35.1 km Old light house
35.4 km White grave
37.5 km Visale Beach (follow road beside Pink Church to gate)
39.0 km Veuru Beach, dive on submarine located 100m right of the tree branch in the water
40.5 km Gravel road starts – from this point it is preferable to travel in small convoy of vehicles & protect yourself from biting bugs
40.9 km St Peters Chapel (LH)
41.2 km Kolupa Beach (approx. one hours drive from Mambo Juice)
41.6 km Tambea Market (a few stalls selling vegetables/fruit)
43.0 km Yellow grave
43.2 km White grave
44.7 km Outback Beach (faded sign)
45.9 km Marovovo Church
47.1 km Selwyn College LH
48.6 km Society Frances Laverna Friary (LH)
49.2 km St Peter & Paul Chapel
50.0 km Bitumen road (up & down hill)
51.3 km Gravel road restarts
51.5 km Wooden Bridge (beware of hole that is forming just before going on to bridge on RH side)
54.0 km Potential wet weather road hazards from here
55.8 km St Matthews Chapel (LH)
58.4 km Black & White Beach village (sign with Solbrew $12)
59.6 km School & oval (LH)
60.1 km Coconut palm plantation
60.4 km Black & White Beach (mango tree clump & a couple of houses -Nhugu Point approx two hours drive from Mambo Juice)
62.1 km Track to right goes to beach that looks like original river crossing now washed out close to bank on other side, nice view up to ocean
62.1 km Track to left goes to wide river crossing, follow the track until it joins the original road again that comes from washed out crossing
64.8 km Rock with smiley face (LH)
65.4 km Unamed church (LH)
68.2 km Lambi school (LH)
66.8 km Lambi Beach

One comment

  1. Return trip will take 6+ hours with almost no stops. Road is bad after 40.5km mark. 50.0km is the Snake Hill. 62.1km = Charupehe River. Last few meters before Lambi Fisheries Station is very bad!

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