The Natural Health Centre Reply

The Natural Health CentreBy Julie Spring

Recently a friend told me about a small ‘health food shop’ which sells legumes, seeds, brown rice, soy milk and a few other things at very decent and competitive prices!

I tracked it down and found a lovely little clean shop, with produce neatly displayed and in a range of sizes. I was excited to buy some pumpkin seeds and Himalayan Rock salt!

I have never heard this shop mentioned in the 16 months I have been here! Is it a secret? I don’t know. Anyway, I thought it deserved some attention from the readers of the Pineapple Post so that some business might head their way.

They also provide services such as massages ($120 for one hour), other therapeutic services and cooking classes for groups.

To get there turn off the highway at the road that has the Baha’i Faith sign. This is the first left after Meat Lovers if you are driving towards town. Follow the road and as it starts to head up the hill the Natural Health Centre is on your left.

Happy health eating to you.

The Baha’i Centre sign, where you turn off the highway.

The Baha’i Faith sign, where you turn off the highway.




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