Remember to SNAP-B! 1

Good nutrition is very important! (Department of Health and Medical Services, Solomon Islands 2011)

Good nutrition is an important part to SNAP-B (Image locally adapted by Department of Health and Medical Services, Solomon Islands, 2011)

By Jeanette Johnson

To keep healthy in Solomon Islands, remember to follow the simple guide of SNAP-B. S: No Smoking

  • Damages lungs, makes breathing difficult. Damages the heart and blood vessels.


  • Talk about problems with helpful caring people. Exercise, laugh and sing!

N: Nutrition

  • Healthy choices and amounts, of vegetables, fruit, sea foods and meats (chicken/beef)
  • Drink 2 liters of water every day, more if exercising or perspiring a lot.
  • Don’t had salt to meals, as many products have salt in them already.

A: Alcohol

  •  Moderation with 2 alcohol free days per week.
  • Beer makes people pass a lot of urine so people often get a headache, so drink water with alcohol!

P: Physical activity

  • 30 minutes at least, everyday which includes any team games, ie netball, soccer, golf, tennis etc or other sports, running, walking, swimming and dancing.

And B: Betel Nut None or small amount only as it makes the heart beat faster. Lime damages gums and teeth and can cause cancer.


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