YOSI Photoblog Reply

One of the best Facebook pages I’ve discovered in recent times is the Youth of Solomon Islands (YOSI) photoblog. The page is a Youth@Work project that features portraits and interviews with young Solomon Islanders.

In Solomon Islands, approximately 60% of the population is under the age of 25. That’s a big group! The photoblog images and comments give you an insight into their interests, ambitions, challenges and thoughts. Below is an example of the photoblog, but you can go straight to the page by clicking here. Check it out and support YOSI!

 “I feel confused, I don’t know what I want to be, or who I want to become.”

“When I was younger I used to dream of becoming a singer, to create music and go places with it, but now I just feel like it’s pointless.”

“After I got married, my outlook on life changed and I forgot about making music, I wasn’t going to feed my family with music, so I let it go for them.”


Yosi three


“I was a very shy girl, after I joined an all Women theatre group called “Stages of Change.” I am no longer shy and nervous, I am now a confident young women who wants to be a voice for those women out there who are suffering from domestic violence.”

“Accept who you are, change yourself first before you can go out and change others.”







“I am looking for a part-time job, I say part-time because next year I am going back to school.”

“I will be going back to PNG for my third year of studying Electronics and Technology Systems, a program that I find equally challenging and interesting.”

“I hope I can find a job in my field when I finish my program and come back.”

Yosi two



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