Mataniko Falls Photo Series Reply

Mataniko Six
Using the Chasing Waterfalls – Day Hikes Around Honiara article, Deb Sapatos has been out trekking again. There sure is no keeping this photographer at home!

As well as the gorgeous photos, Deb has also passed on some very helpful tips for those taking on the journey. Thanks Deb for sharing your information and inspirational images.

  • Never attempt the Falls directly after or where impending rain is imminent as water flow is unpredictable and dangerous.
  • A steep decent gradient of 3:1 for 300 mtrs access to the waterfalls from the top of the ridge can be slippery and dangerous. Take your time.
  • Be prepared to hike back the same way you trekked, as access to the water river system may be inaccessible and dangerous. Climbing back out the same way is demanding with the same hazards as the decent.
  • The exposure along the top of the ridge lines is very hot and humid especially if you have had to trek back the same way, ensure you have enough water and sufficient protective headwear and clothing.
  • Carry plenty of water and energy food for the walk. Take a break and rehydrate regularly.
  • A guide is a must as you are going through small isolated villages and houses at the beginning. My trusty guide was Stanley. Contact Stanley in advance on 772 1743.
  • Stanley lives at the village where the trek begins however if you are not familiar with this location he will meet with you at China Town and help guide you in your vehicle to the start. Parking is safe. Kustom Fee negotiable but between $150-200 per person for the trek.

Mataniko TwoMataniko ThreeMataniko FourMataniko FiveMataniko oneMataniko SevenMataniko EightMataniko NineMataniko TenMataniko ElevenMataniko Twelve


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