Baby Shop in Hyundai Mall Reply


While I appreciate that this information isn’t going to be relevant to most people, for those in Honiara who are searching for good quality baby products, I think these photos are going to make you smile. I know that I nearly fainted with excitement.

A baby shop has opened on the ground floor of Hyundai Mall with a wide selection of products that I’ve found extremely hard to find here. They are imported from Australia (Target items from what I could see), and so would meet Australian safety standards.

The shop is called Baby ‘N’ Fashion and it has a wide selection of play mats, rockers, toiletries, feeding items, toys and much more. They even sell a baby insect tent to protect your little one from the mozzies for beach trips. This is the second location, the first one being NPF Plaza.

While things are of course a little pricier than you would pay in Australia, at least they are here and you don’t need to stuff your suitcase to the brim when you fly through Brisbane.

For more information you can call Baby ‘N’ Fashion on 22320 or check out their Facebook Page.

P.S Big thank you to my Hyundai Mall working friend who told me about the shop at breakfast last week. You are ace.



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