Black and White Beach Reply

Trip to beach

The two and a half hour journey from Honiara (each way) was a beautiful drive

I’d often heard people talk about Black and White Beach. They would try to explain it to me. ‘A double beach’, they would say, ‘one side of black sand and one side of white sand’. I found this difficult to visualise so when I finally made the trip myself last month, I took along my camera to capture it for The Pineapple Post.

Black and White Beach is approximately 60km west of Rove Police Station in Honiara. I say ‘approximately’ because we measured 59.1 on the way and 60.2 on the way back …… I think due to a few toilet stops. On our map of Guadalcanal, Black and White Beach is called Nughu Point and you can see that it’s a good example of a tombolo.

It took us about two and a half hours to get there. The road surface changed a lot throughout the journey: from good sealed roads, to pot holed sealed roads, to sand and dirt. At times it was extremely bumpy so I would definitely make sure you were in a 4WD. There were also a few small river crossings that I wouldn’t want to get stuck in! This isn’t a drive to do by yourself.

The entrance into the beach is pictured below (turning off the road, go right). It’s not well sign posted so take it slow when you get to about 58km past Rove to check out the scenery. Once we turned towards the beach, people appeared from the village to welcome us and collect the entry fee. As with any time you are visiting someone else’s land, make sure to ask permission to use the beach and be respectful that you are in someone else’s home. Entry to the beach was reasonable, costing us $50SBD per vehicle.

Entry to beach

The entrance to the beach. The main road continues to the left and you need to go right.

Main road to beach

The track off the main road to the beach was pretty muddy and exciting

We set up our seats on White Beach and got into the water as quickly as we could. The sand slowly descends down to the water (no big drop off) so it’s a great beach for children and for uncoordinated adults. Once in the water I was excited to find that it was soft sand beneath my feet. I hadn’t brought my reef shoes so this was a nice surprise! It felt like my toes were getting little hugs from Mother Nature.

You will need to take your own food and drink supplies, and take all your rubbish out with you when you leave. One thing that many of us regretted was not putting on bug spray as soon as we hopped out of our cars. Little midgy flies bit us all over with some people feeling it straight away and some the next day.

Apart from that though, it was quite a special afternoon and easily one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve had the pleasure of visiting out of Honiara.

Two beaches

The two beaches with parking in the middle

Black Beach

Black Beach

White Beach

White Beach


It’s good to do the trip with a buddy or two. You may need help if you get stuck in the mud!

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