Are You Hydrated? 1

Urine Chart

By Jeanette Johnson

The reason our bodies need water is to keep it clean.

A simple explanation I use is to explain that inside our bodies we have lots of river systems, some large and strong, and others small.

The rivers join to go to our heart so that blood can be pumped around our body to give us oxygen and energy.

It also goes to our kidneys where blood is cleaned, the waste products go to our bladder and then we go to the toilet to pass urine (mimi).

If we don’t drink enough water (at least 2 liters per day) it is like the rivers in the Solomons during the dry season; little movement and lots and lots of rubbish. When people who don’t drink enough water pass urine it is orange or brown.

During the wet season the river is flowing and all the rubbish has gone out into the ocean. Same as your body if you drink a lot. Your body is clean because your urine is clear or only slightly coloured

Dehydration makes your heart beat faster and often gives people a headache. It’s easy to fix – Drink more water! Check the colour of your urine/mimi.


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