Ko Kama Rafting Adventures Reply

P1100117By Fiona Stanley

It had rained most of the previous night in Honiara but we were happy as we were spending the day rafting on the Lunga River with Ko Kama Rafting Adventures. The rain meant that the river would be nice and full for our adventure.

It was a really easy start to the day. We met at the Golf Club, were driven to the Lunga River via Mt Austin lookout, and waited by the river bank whilst the rafts were pumped up and then away we went.

There were 10 of us which meant 5 rafts (2 per raft) + the guide raft.

The 17.5km route of the Lunga River had parts where we needed to paddle and other parts where we happily floated along with the current. This was interspersed by the river rapids and the odd tree to manoeuvre around.

The scenery was varied and the birds were in song. Sometimes the surrounds were so quiet we couldn’t quite believe we were not that far from the Honiara hustle and bustle. We only saw a few people on the riverbanks which was also a pleasant surprise.

There was a lunch stop to indulge in the food and drinks that were supplied in an esky on each raft.

We had rain after lunch…the sound of the rain in the foliage was peaceful…we did need to bail out the water that was up to our ankles in the raft but personally I didn’t mind the rain as it kept the day cool.

What a fun way to spend a Sunday……..Just do it!

To organise your daytrip, call Anita on 7494 777 or 7494 788 or check out the Facebook page. The cost is SBD700 per person with a maximum of 10 people.

20150222_093505-120150222_1120492014 FEB-SI-RaftingLunga (26)P11001772014 FEB-SI-RaftingLunga (19)Ko Kama Rafting Brochure blue


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