Farewell to Private Midwife Betty Reply


Betty Ariaria has been working as a private midwife with Helen Ferguson (Pollard) since the beginning of Midwifery & Counselling Services SI Ltd started practicing in September 2013. She has been providing Antenatal advice and clinics, caring for women in labour and birth, and then visiting them around Honiara for 6 weeks after birth, weighing the babies and checking the mums.

There were 46 mothers coming through the Midwife clinic at the Hyundai Mall in 2014 and it was very nice getting to know the mothers and their partners, and being part of their important time welcoming their newborn baby. Postnatal visits have been in every corner of Honiara over the year.

Betty leaves this week and MCSSI wishes Betty the best in her new position doing research.  We welcome Bessie Naumai Gaugau, who will be taking over as the new private midwife with the help of Cathy, casually. Bessie has been working in Vanuatu for the last 3 years and is also an experienced and caring midwife.

Antenatal clinics are on Mondays and Wednesdays at Hyundai Mall, Suite 205 for any enquiries.

  • Bessie 7723935
  • Helen 7723934



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