Preparing a Pineapple Solomon Style 1


Pineapples always looks so pretty in Solomon Islands so I thought I would have a go cutting one up myself. A kind friend gave me a lesson and now I am super skilled! Done this way, I feel like the pineapple ends up being a little piece of artwork as well as a tasty treat. Here are the steps that we used:

1. Wash your hands before you start.

2. Using a sharp knife, chop off both ends of the pineapple.


3. Slice off the sides of the pineapple. Try not to cut too deep as you want to eat as much of your delicious pineapple as possible.


4. Cut wedges along the dint lines. Continue with these ‘V’ cuts around the whole pineapple. This is the longest and most important step. Take your time.


5. Serve pineapple cut up into slices, as a center piece for a fruit platter or chop it into chunks for easy handling. Enjoy the tropical taste!


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