Honiara Golf Club Burgers 2

The delicious "Hole in One" Burger

The delicious “Hole in One” Burger

By Deb Sapatos

Stop the search for Honiara’s best burgers.

The Honiara Golf Club is host to the newly revamped kitchen “Dining Range” that now services the hungry golfers appetites daily. We had heard of the new cafe and headed down to sample the goods.

The Honiara Golf Club is an iconic entity of Guadalcanal and what better day to go down than on match day. After negotiating the many reserve caddies looking for a punter we made our way in. It’s a relaxing environment where everyone is welcome as golfers and hackers alike take their turn smashing the little white thing around the park.

We approached the counter to make our order but were delayed in our tracks by the menu board. Reading through, we were impressed with a listing of 3 burgers all named after golfing terms.

  • “Par” Burger
  • “Birdie” Burger
  • “Hole in One” Burger

I settled for the “Hole in One” Burger, opting for the beef pattie filler over the chicken breast and knowing it had bacon and double cheese I knew I would not be disappointed.

Pulling up a pew and settling down to watch the rugby on the big screen, it wasn’t long before our burger came out. Don’t be fooled by the photo as that is a big dinner plate, surrounded by big chips.

Picking up the burger my first thought was just how heavy and solid it was. Thank goodness for the fresh top toasted bun having enough surface area to contain the contents and pattie within. I love a burger that you can hold and chow down into without the back end falling out, therefore enjoying the burger as a whole with all the combinations of taste from start to finish.

Finishing off my burger, I could not help but feel totally satisfied with what I had just hoovered down. Looking over at a couple of the regular Golf Club members mounting up for their game, I gave the thumbs up and nod of approval. One of them responded and acknowledged my current state of content but then asked if I had tried the “MC” Burger?

The “MC” Burger was not on the menu, yet for some reason this burger already had a cult following amongst the die hard regular golfers as being the mother of all burgers.

Named after the proprietor of the “Dining Range” Mr Michael Chan, this burger from all descriptions, is the ultimate burger. Apparently you have to ask for the “MC” Burger by name over the counter as it was not on the menu.

I now challenge anyone out there in Honiara town to go and experience this mega mother “MC” Burger and then review it here on The Pineapple Post for all to see, read and then possibly eat.

Lots of great options on the menu at the Honiara Golf Club

Lots of great options on the menu at the Honiara Golf Club



  1. If you have not been up to the dining range as yet, I strongly recommend you do. I would definitely suggest the “MC” Burger”. You don’t know what you’ve been missing until you have tried the burgers at the dining range.

    • Hi Rachel,

      I just have a few quetions:

      1. Do they have a driving range there? How much does it cost?
      2. Do they have lockers?
      3. How much does it cost to play (green fee, caddy fee, etc.)?


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