My Best Unplanned Adventure Reply

2014 NOV-TenaruBy Fiona Stanley

It is Saturday and I am going for a drive to St. Joseph’s High School at Tenaru, which is a 10 minute drive from the airport, east of Honiara. This is the second time in 2014 I’ve met with the girls who have become part of my Solomon Islands story. They are two of the 116 students supported to attend St. Joseph’s and I feel privileged to be part of their education and share in their academic success.

We have a cuddle and chat about their exams and the possibility of me visiting their families in 2015. Like all students, they are excited to be going home to see their families for the Christmas school break. Their parents are subsistence farmers who struggle to survive day to day let alone pay for school and transport fees. I received a beautiful letter from one set of parents with a copy of her school report…they were so proud of the achievements of their daughter.

My hope for these girls is that they will find employment and be able to support not only themselves but their families and communities as well. And if they don’t…. their time at St. Joseph’s will help them make educated decisions and they will pass on that learning to their own children.

As long as they continue to pass their exams each year, I have promised the girls that I’ll continue to pay for their education and board at the school. Depending on their class year, the cost is either AUD300 or AUD400 for the year.

I started this commitment by contacting Trevor is often in Honiara and is happy to meet and take you to the school initially. Trevor also does the background work with the school to decide which children will receive assistance to attend St. Joseph’s.

You will be provided with information about your child and you may even receive a letter from them. The website for payment is World Relief Australia at

I am stoked to have these two girls in my life…an unplanned part of my adventure in Honiara.

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