Turtle Beach Reply


Beautiful Turtle Beach

By Jackie Eager

Turtle Beach is located approximately 15 minutes drive along the main road, west out of central Honiara towards Visale. It’s one of my favourite beaches around the capital: a family friendly, idyllic spot that takes hardly any time to reach by car.

Unlike some of the other beaches, this one has a lot of sand, instead of just coral, and there is no steep drop down to the water. It makes playing by the ocean more comfortable on the feet and gives a real tropical island feel to your outing.

Maybe it’s just me, but I find getting out of the water at the coral beaches a bit of a challenge. Without the proper shoes, I’ve been known to kind of roll from the water, up the embankment of coral to where my embarrassed husband is shaking his head at me. No need for this uncomfortable spectacle at Turtle Beach.

The entrance to the beach is well sign posted at the moment but in case the flags are down, remember that it’s the first turn straight after (and I mean straight after) the first collapsed bridge. Entry prices are $50 for a Rav 4/ Pajero and it goes up to $200 for a big bus. The full list of prices is stuck up on the tree at the end of the driveway as shown in one of the photos below.

There are lots of shady spots to set up your picnic blanket and places to park your car. A few huts are located by the water in case it starts to rain. Even though it’s not far out of town, mobile range can be a bit hit and miss so be aware of this if you’re expecting a call.

If you’re into snorkelling then this probably isn’t the place for you, but if reading a book or splashing around with the kids is what you’re after, then I suggest you give Turtle Beach a try.


The beach entry. Someone will be at the end of the driveway to collect the visiting fee.


The price list for visiting the beach


Peaceful hey?



Ample parking available



A dragonfly resting on my car aerial


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