Tonight: ‘Stori blo iumi’ Theatre Performance Reply

Women's Theatre Group performance FlyerAn interactive theatre performance called ‘Stori blo iumi’ by Women’s Theatre group will be presented to the public at the National Auditorium this Wednesday 21st January. This presentation is the culmination of a series of theatre workshops facilitated by Tania Cañas, Azja Kulpińska and Valeska Kulpińska, of Melbourne, who are currently International Artists in Residence at Art Haus. It is free to the public and starts at 6pm

The performance is a Forum Theatre piece. Forum Theatre is a community tool to discuss issues relevant to the group of participants. The workshop process of this type of theatre involves a series of theatre games and exercises to develop the content of the performance. In Forum Theatre the audience doesn’t remain passive, instead they are invited to join the stage and contribute their ideas, through theatre, to the issue on stage.

The artists have said “We look forward to the performance day to share with the community the work the participants have been doing, as well as to engage in a conversation. In Forum Theatre we don’t necessarily look for a solution to the issue staged, there is no right or wrong, instead the form seeks to explore multiple perspectives and open a dialogue.”

Around 10 women have taken part in the workshop series. Participants have described their experience in the workshops with the following words ‘sharing, trust, knowledge, wisdom, skills, courage, emotions, unison, characters, laughter, love, meeting new friends, happiness and eating together’

Tania and Azja have brought to the Solomon Islands their experience from Melbourne, Thailand, China, Poland, USA and Ireland working with people from all different backgrounds in theatre, storytelling, and community development. Art Haus and community thank them for their support and friendship on this project.

Entry is free and all are welcome. 21st January 6pm at the Solomon Islands National Auditorium. For more information contact Neil Nuia 7875166


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