In Search of Honiara’s Best Burger Part 3 – El Shaddai ‘The Bouncer Burger’ 1


The Bouncer Burger


By James Cooper

The Bouncer Burger Works $80SBD

The Bouncer Burger Works at El Shaddai is quite an intimidating burger. It is so far the biggest burger I have had in Honiara. The burger is rustic and messy (but not greasy), and was like the burger I used to get from my local fish and chippery. The only difference was the bun, which was crispy and sprinkled with sesame seeds. This gave the burger a nice crunch.

The Bouncer Burger had a lot going on so from top to bottom here are its contents:

  • Tomato sauce;
  • Bacon (lots of bacon…mmmmm);
  • Fried egg;
  • Capsicum, cucumber and tomato (capsicum and cucumber whilst unusual choices, gave it a nice crisp taste);
  • Big beef patty;
  • Fried onions;
  • Cheese (so much cheesy goodness, the photo does not do it justice!)
  • Mayonnaise; and finally
  • A generous serving of lettuce on the bottom.

I may have stopped taking notes because it was a very messy burger to eat (in a good way!) and as a result, my hands were occupied with eating and not writing… OK honestly it was because I got a bit carried away with the burger. Highly unprofessional I know, but it really was very good.

By the end of the burger I felt like I didn’t need to eat for about a week. It is incredible filling. So maybe think about skipping breakfast and not organising anything in the afternoon if you are going to have one. That way you can lie down and snuggle with your newly conceived food baby gifted to you from the immaculate burger that is the Bouncer Burger from El Shaddai. Of course if you want a smaller burger there are 9 different burgers to choose from including chicken and fish burgers.

El Shaddai is located next to World Vision on Kukum Highway. You can either sit indoors which is nice and air-conditioned (although there is not much sitting room), or outside in an enclosed area. Go check it out!

Hot Tip: If you ever need a cake for a special occasion, El Shaddai have a good selection of pre-made cakes or will make them to order for a reasonable price. I had one made for my work Christmas party and it went down a treat! Choc-vanilla, with butterscotch cream icing!

El Shaddai cake

The yummy El Shaddai cake


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