Forum Theatre Artists at Art Haus Reply

1380092_1475525392668607_1875631433_nTwo Forum Theatre artists are coming to Honiara to share their skills. Tania Cañas and Azja Kulpińska, of Melbourne, will join Art Haus as International Artists in Residence for the month of January.

The pair said “We look forward to making connections with the people of the Solomon Islands with its unique history and identity, geographic location and cultural diversity”.

Tania Canas and Azja Kulpinska will run two short courses in their style of theatre – one for women of all ages and another designed for those interested in leading Forum Theatre such as community development workers, theatre leaders or others. Forum Theatre is a style of theatre in which people’s ideas and issues can be explored and expressed in a democratic way. It has been recognised by the UN for its contribution to community development and originates from Brazil.

Tania says that this art form ‘provides a space in which communities can explore, express and analyse their stories from multiple perspectives.’ The workshops will conclude with a ‘work in progress’ showcase that will let those who take part present their scenes to their families and friends and the general public. The audience members will not passively watch the show from the comfort of their seats, but instead they will be invited to intervene on stage if they disagree with what is being presented to them.  They will be encouraged to replace a character and they will have the power to influence the course of action.

Tania and Azja bring to the Solomon Islands experience from Melbourne, Thailand, China, Poland, USA and Ireland working with people from all different backgrounds in theatre, storytelling, and community development. They began working together at RISE: Refugees, Survivors and Ex-Detainees Refugee, a welfare, advocacy and drop-in centre for refugees, asylum seekers and ex-detainees, where they worked with students and workers using Forum Theatre.

Azja Kulpińska is a Master of Ethnolinguistics currently enrolled in Bachelor of Arts – Community Development. Tania Cañas has a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts- Drama & Psychology, Master of Communications, by Coursework and currently a PhD student at the Centre for Cultural Partnerships, in the Faculty of the VCA and MCM, University of Melbourne.

The two artists look forward to meeting people of Honiara. They said “We hope to offer some theatre techniques, but more importantly our lived histories, experiences and worldviews. We believe in art of the everyday experiences!”

NEXT COURSE: Forum Theatre Techniques Workshop

WHEN: 20th and 22nd January 11-3pm FOR WHO: Community workers and theatre makers COST: $500 with all funds raised supporting the administration of the residency. All workshops will be at the National Auditorium.

Bookings essential through Neil Nuia 7875166.


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