Pineapple Post Open for 2015 2

(Original photo: Deb Sapatos)

(Original photo: Deb Sapatos)

Welcome to 2015 and to The Pineapple Post’s second year of sharing information about living in and visiting Solomon Islands.

In 2015 I’m sure there will be much to enjoy and much, much more to learn. For instance, so far this year I’ve already learnt not to eat ice cream in my car, spill it on the seats and steering wheel, and then leave it in the sun for three weeks. The unexpected science experiment that I found upon my return from holidays wasn’t exactly a pretty sight. Sadly, I fear that this will be just one of the many life lessons I’ll acquire in the year ahead. If only I had read about car/mould maintenance on The Pineapple Post (hint hint someone should really write that up for me).

To keep this website of Solomon information going, your articles are needed! If you have a travel story, recipe, general interest piece, cause to promote, photo collection, top 5 list or suchlike then please send it along to and share it with the hundreds of email subscribers and the over 1500 Pineapple Post Facebook followers. Your piece doesn’t need to be long, it just needs to be about something to do with Solomon Islands and it needs to be friendly.

If you have an event you would like to publicise, then please send that along too.

I hope you have a great 2015, don’t get too sunburnt at any stage and remember to drink lots of water.




  1. Woohoo – welcome back, so glad you’re there!
    I lived in Honiara in 2011-12, loving the place from just about every angle. Best news: I’m coming back at the end of February, this time on a two year contract. I’m hoping the Pineapple network will help me find and furnish a home then help my husband find or build an art scene while I’m at work. And to be sure in return I’ll write for you of the changes I see and the new life I’m awaiting so happily.
    Looking forward to meeting you all,

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