A Christmas Break Thank you! 1

With Christmas time approaching, Honiara, like all towns, is starting to enjoy the holiday season. At the international airport yesterday, the customs line for returning residents stretched out onto the tarmac, with Solomon Islanders from abroad coming home to celebrate with family and friends. Similarly, over the next week many expats will fly out to spend time with their families across the globe.

As we all wind down for the silly season, so does The Pineapple Post. The website will take a break over Christmas and will re-open in January. If you have any questions or stories to submit during this time, please keep sending them to pineapplepost@hotmail.com. Everyone is welcome to contribute!

I’ve loved working on The Pineapple Post this year and so to everyone who has read an article, signed up for emails or become a Facebook fan: Thank You! Your encouragement has meant a lot to me.

A huge, heartfelt Merry Christmas thank you to all those who contributed to the content of The Pineapple Post in 2014. The website only exists because of the generosity of writers and photographers who share their work. Thank you for helping to promote life in the hapi isles and for letting my little hobby thrive. I hope I’ve captured you all in this list!

  • Kim Abbey
  • Art Haus
  • Association of Solomon Islanders in Creative Fashion
  • Australian High Commission
  • Leanne Anderson
  • Belle Salon
  • Jo Ann Braithwaite
  • Julie Byers
  • Breakwater Café
  • James Cooper
  • Liz Cotterell
  • Jan De Burgh
  • Garath Durrant
  • Bronwyn Eager
  • Capital Events
  • Helen Ferguson
  • For Sale and Wanted Honiara
  • Erin Gleeson
  • Joy Hughes
  • Leah Hughes
  • International Tea Group
  • Jeanette Johnson
  • Kokonut Pacific
  • Dr Brinsley Lane
  • Ros Lawry
  • Lime Lounge
  • Mambo Juice
  • Sara Mcbride
  • Mercy School
  • Sue Morrison
  • Movember Crew and the Griffins
  • Shane and Cherolyn Mulligan
  • Brendan Nerdal
  • Alison O’Reilly
  • Ian O’Reilly
  • Stacey Pallaras
  • Robin Perry
  • Leigh Pirie
  • Justina Radclyffe
  • Rotary Club of Honiara
  • Deb Sapatos
  • Seif Ples
  • Fiona Stanley
  • Solomon Islands AFL Federation (Job Vulita and Rowan Fajerman)
  • Solomon Islands Dive Expeditions
  • Lynn Tebbutt
  • Greg Terrill
  • The Ofis
  • Triathlon Solomon Islands
  • Vavaghio Guest House
  • Peter Vesely
  • Sam Weisz
  • Zipolo Habu Resort

Many thanks, bestest wishes and see you in 2015!


One comment

  1. And a special thanks to you Jackie Eager – the Pineapple Post has become a “must read” for all expats, especially those considering a move to the hapi isles. A very Merry Christmas to you and Brendan. Cheers, Lynn Tebbutt

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