Early Childhood Education Graduation Reply

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By Leigh Pirie

Mercy Christian Primary School

A parent is always proud when their child achieves a milestone. Whether this be a new job, marriage, university graduation or the ability to walk. On Wednesday I was lucky enough to attend the graduation of the Early Childhood class of Mercy Primary school and was touched by the universal emotion of parental pride. Regardless of age, location, social status or income, every parent beamed with pride when their 4 or 5 year old marched into the room wearing their blue gown and was presented with their graduating certificate.

Each of the 41 graduands was scrubbed clean and wearing their best outfits for the big day. These often included garlands of flowers, shell necklaces and sparkling new shiny shoes.

The morning started off with great performances by the whole Early Childhood group of a number of their favourite songs – “God made the butterfly fly”, “Lilly-Goo” and “Where are the bees?” This was followed by speeches by the Head Teacher, Simon Rilaua, and ECE coordinator, Julie Haaute. These speeches thanked those people in the community who had supported the students and the school throughout the year. Other speeches also reminded parents of the importance of nutrition to student’s education, arriving at school clean and ready to learn and consistent attendance.

After the graduation ceremony each student received a small gift brought by their parents and then everyone in attendance was able to enjoy a great feast provided by the teachers and parents. The atmosphere was one of happiness and pride and genuine support for the future of the children’s education. One of the new Mercy School classrooms funded by the ‘Make A Mark Australia’ organisation was the location for the graduation ceremony and it was a wonderful setting to showcase the new developments and positive direction for the school in 2015.

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