The Hidden Paradise of Visale 2


By Leah Hughes

Visale lies about 40 kilometres to the west side of Honiara. This is owned by the nuns who reside at the property which run a schools premises. You will hear the children singing from time to time around the property. This is a pleasant place to go for a day away from the town of Honiara. I personally love this place and we were fortunate enough to be able to enjoy this place almost to ourselves. At present this is almost secluded. I find it peaceful there and most especially very safe. No one bothers us at all. I love to hear the birds singing. I have seen green Parakeet birds on few occasions.


If you are lucky you will see kids from the village playing around in the water with their little canoes passing you.


We come here for picnics and bring loads of snacks, beer and bubbly. My husband and I have the policy “what comes in must come out”, we are both tidy kiwis and don’t leave around rubbish for other people to clean.


You will find colourful fish, especially with those blue colours, within 10 metres from the shore. This is quiet enough to enjoy your books too or a simple BBQ with your friends for a lovely day of socialisation.


You will find this lovely bay so calm compared to the neighbouring beaches as this bay is enclosed and surrounded by the trees. There are lots of butterflies. They added magic to this paradise that made me feel so calm and relaxed. All you need to enter this bliss is to make a donation at the gate. One of the nuns will be there to collect on your arrival.

(Editor note: you will be advised of the correct donation amount for your vehicle and number of guests at the gate)





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