Little Gardens in Honiara Reply


Although you may not always notice them, there are lots of little gardens in Honiara, sprinkled around the town creating peaceful scenes. Little gardens are valuable for civic pride, tourism, and the general well being of those of us who make Honiara our home.

A little garden can be as simple as a tree trunk surrounded by flowers or as structured as shaped hedges. It can include rocks, carvings, pots, and pathways as well as one or many plants. Driving up and down the main stretch, I’m often struck by how gorgeous and well manicured some of these little gardens are. I’m thankful for the greenery within the city and to those people/ organisations/ companies who clearly work hard to maintain them.

In honour of these gardens, I thought I would take photos of my favourite spots I see on my regular drive between Panatina and Gnossi. I hope you enjoy them too!














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