Love Affairs in the Pacific Reply

In 1972 my parents packed up my sister, brother and me and off we went to live in the highlands of Papua New Guinea for three years. Long after leaving PNG I can remember looking forward to going to bed at night so I could just lie there and reminisce, such was my love affair for that time in my life and the people there.
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For the next thirty-five years I talked so much about it to my family that together we embarked on a two-month visit in 2008 so I could show the place off and introduce its incredible people to them.

We had the trip of a life time and now my family felt as I did.

In 2011 my wife Michelle Perkins decided that she needed to put her studies to good use (Masters in community development) so she applied for a position here in Honiara and came across to work for Vois Blo Meri for two years. So once again we packed up two of our five kids and landed in Solo.

Ironically my wife is now back in Western Australia with the kids and I find myself travelling back and forth to Honiara for what’s going on three years now to look after the good people that visit our chiropractic clinic in Lengakiki.

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My experience here has been nothing short of profound. The responsibility of introducing chiropractic to an entire country, setting up a clinic, dealing with various administrations, hiring and training staff and learning how to communicate with local people through language and cultural barriers has been the single most rewarding experience of my life and I can’t in good conscience leave permanently as the results of chiropractic have been so impactful.

Chiropractic was “happened upon” back in 1895 by a man who was experimenting with the notion that twisted vertebrae of the neck and back may cause interference to the nerves that exit the spine through very small spaces. He postulated that interference could render the body less capable of functioning at its best because the brain-body connection would be reduced. His early work was correct of course as we all know of quadriplegic people who have suffered spinal cord damage. What was exciting about his very first experiment along this theory was the well documented case of Harvey Lillard who had been deaf for 17 years and regained his hearing a few hours after his first spinal adjustment. Chiropractic was born.

So here I am in the Solomons helping people restore their God given health by removing interference to nerves (turning switches back on) and seeing the most miraculous recoveries from diabetes, stroke, asthma, blindness and many other ailments that render people incapable of expressing their gifts and skills and it’s a blessing and once again I find I’ve fallen in love with the people.

If you like I’ll include some wonderful stories of healing next time I write.

Yours in health,

Dr Brinsley (Brin) Lane

Chiropractor, 7642039

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