Solomons Fashion Week Launched Today Reply


Fabulous fashions are available to purchase. More items will be displayed as the event continues.

Today saw the opening of the first ever Solomons Fashion Week, which is taking place at the Art Gallery rooms, Honiara. The event is being presented by the Association of Solomon Islanders in Creative Fashion (ASIICF), a group that was started earlier this year and includes specialists in arts, crafts, clothing, jewellery, accessories and interior designs.

In her opening speech, special guest, Lady Grace Kabui talked about the creative minds that have fuelled this project. From the fashion displayed, you can see that ‘creativity’ is definitely the thing that ties together all the people involved! Lady Grace Kabui officially opened the week by revealing the beautifully designed Solomons Fashion Week banner. President of ASIICF, Justina Radclyffe, then talked about the importance of supporting local designers and also the youth, who will be the designers of tomorrow.


The Solomon Fashion Week 2014 banner

What was clear at the opening was the obvious desire to pass on the love and learning that being part of any creative industry allows. Creativity is not selfish, it shares its skills and talents generously and is more than evident in the different fabric and jewellery designs on display.

During the week, fashions will be on sale at the Art Gallery rooms. These include women’s, men’s and children’s designs. Additionally, if you have an item that needs mending or altering, tailors will be on hand to do simple adjustments while you wait.

The highlight of event will be a Grand Finale Fashion Show on Saturday from 6.30pm. Tickets for mid row seats are $150 per person and back row seats can be purchased for $100 per person. Visit the Art Gallery rooms to pick up your tickets. The stage is already set and looks fabulous. Fabric, in a strong black and white design, drapes over the stage making a fitting setting for what is going to be a very fulfilling show, for both participants and the audience.

So come down to the Art Gallery this week and be part of something that is exciting, beautiful and inspiring, with people offering something new and important to the Solomon Islands community.


Some great ideas for Christmas presents


Fashion Week includes menswear and items for children too 



The dresses are simply stunning


These beautiful recycled paper necklaces, bracelets and earrings are made by Susies Jewelleries


The opening was attended by many fashion fans


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