After the Flood – a Documentary Reply

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 5.34.38 pm

The April 2014 floods were a heartbreaking time in Solomon Islands. Many people lost their lives and thousands more lost their homes. About eight months have passed since the downpour but housing and crops are still struggling to be re established.

To highlight the flood, and the struggle of this small island state to deal with the disaster, Swiss freelance journalist Elio Stamm has produced a 28 minute documentary. Elio lived in Solomon Islands for a year and worked with others to capture footage of the devastating events. The film also looks at the conflicts that arose between the victims and the government. You can learn more about these issues and see some footage of the film by clicking this link.

Up to this point, Elio has been working on the film solely as a labour of love but he’s now looking for crowd funding to help him finish the film and allow for it to be shown. If you’re able to offer support, please visit his website and become part of this crowd funding endeavour. Elio is hoping to raise $US2000 to pay for archival footage license fees, as well as for the final post-production and distribution. Differing levels of support are rewarded with different goodies, including copies of the DVD, a personal or video chat with Elio about Solomon Islands, or even your name as Executive Producer.

Once completed, he plans to publish it for free on the Internet so as many people as possible can learn about Solomon Islands and the challenges faced after the flood.

Thanks in advance for your generosity and a big thank you to Elio for helping bring international focus to Solomon Islands and the impacts of this natural disaster which touched so many of us.


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