For Sale and Wanted in Honiara Reply

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Need to make some space? Or feel like doing some online shopping? One great way to do this in Solomon Islands is through the Facebook site ‘For Sale and Wanted in Honiara’.

This site was started about four years ago to fill a gap in the market. Classified websites are so common around the world that it was about time one came to the Happy Isles.

The site has grown considerably and now has over 3,000 followers. With no cost to those posting or buying the items, it’s a free and easy marketplace to use. You just post on the page, add pictures if you like and wait for a response!

Recent items advertised on the site have included bikes, tarpaulins, trailers, diving gear, timber, office supplies, exercise equipment, kayaks and fishing paraphernalia.

You can visit ‘For Sale and Wanted in Honiara’ by clicking here. Remember to ‘like’ the page when you’re there!

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