Recycling and Reuse in Honiara 1

By Alison O’Reilly

When I first arrived in Honiara one of my questions was, ‘Where is the recycling bin?’. I was shocked (a little naïve back then) to learn there is no established recycling system in Honiara.

I started talking to people and realised that there are some recycling and reuse initiatives in Honiara, they just aren’t directly advertised or easily accessible. It is up to the individual to source recycling and reuse opportunities, and so started my quest to find out how I can help reduce the amount of waste headed for the Ranadi rubbish tip!

Some of the initiatives I found are outlined below.


Don’t throw them out! There are many uses for old newspapers here in Honiara:

  • Gift the newspaper to another person.
  • Artists at the Art Gallery use newspapers as packaging to transport artwork and when polishing their woodwork.
  • Cleaners use newspapers instead of cleaning cloths to clean windows and other surfaces.
  • Return newspapers to the Solomon Star and Island Sun. Both the Solomon Star and Island Sun sell rolls of old newspapers for $5.

Solomon Star Office: New Chinatown. Ph: 22062

Island Sun Office: Lillian Dennis Building, Mendana Avenue, Point Cruz. Ph: 28077


Soft Drink and Beer Cans

There are many people around Honiara that have taken up the initiative to become collection points for drink cans, or ‘tins’, which they are referred to in Pidjin. For example, Vincent at the Lengakiki water tank collects old ‘tins’, which are then bought and collected by BJS Agencies. Alternatively you can take your ‘tins’ directly to BJS. BJS purchases brass, copper, aluminium, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals for recycling overseas.

For more information or if you have any questions please contact Judy Kirchner at BJS. BJS Office: Commonwealth Street, Point Cruz. Ph: 23532


SolBrew Glass Bottles

Don’t just throw them in the bin. SolBrew has an established bottle reuse system.

Bottles and/or crates can be returned to SolBrew at Ranadi, Sullivans at Point Cruz, and many other local bottle shops such as Jon’s Bottle Shop, Hibiscus Avenue (opposite Honiara Fish Market). You will then get a discount on your next crate purchase: $0.50 per bottle, $6 per crate, or $18 for a crate of 24 used bottles. For those of you who enjoy your SolBrew, SolBrew will arrange for the collection of 10 or more full crates.

SolBrew, Renadi. Ph: 30257


Food Scraps

Rather than throwing food scraps in the bin, ask around to see if anyone, who has chickens or pigs, would like your food scraps. Food scraps can be kept in the fridge, or even better in the freezer, in a plastic bag until you have a full bag to give.

Egg Containers

Many of us buy eggs. The plastic egg containers are one piece of waste that can easily be reused. Ask at the location where you buy your eggs from if they would like you to return your egg containers for reuse. Or ask around to see if anyone has their own chickens and is in need of egg containers.

For example, one establishment that is very happy to collect your used plastic egg containers is Bethesda Disability and Training Centre located on the south side of the airport. Bethesda sells eggs to help fund the centre. Rather than buying new egg containers, they are able to save funds by reusing the containers.

Egg Containers


These are just a few ways, that with a little bit of effort, we can all help to reduce waste in Honiara!

If you have any other ideas about how to reduce waste around Honiara, please leave a reply. I’m sure everyone would love to hear about them!

Note: Current as of October 2014.


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